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C. O.'s general instead yeah Michael's back okay Michael's bag I get a chance to talk to my son on a Sunday night and it just makes me very happy and I know it makes you happy to welcome back son thank you so much I feel like I've been gone forever it feels like a son we have you been for six months what's up I'm in six months you were gone one of those nights you wasn't just me excuse me no no no no the meeting where why was available for you you that's what you've got that's the best you can get I mean did you take off three Sundays is one of no I took off to his past month yeah it with the Oscars and then you were gone and then I went out they give you a ten yes let's start with that down how was the weather how it was cold yeah Vegas is really doing something strange like everybody else it is good that there are the I'm not complaining it's that at that time of year Vegas should be cold during this time of year but yeah it was definitely like bring your jacket and I happen to ours but I mean you're walking around in the hotel market on anyway but it was it was definitely it was chilly I mean it wasn't you know thirty to forty like you have the Twin Cities of course but for the desert I actually that's not true there were night it got down to the fort that's what I was about to say the the sky ways yeah well I think the idea is to stay in your hotel property what what what we have to do that that's what they want but what happens that way dear you know you end up outside or you take a cab somewhere thank you we went out we went to the outlets which you know that was really the experience was being at the outlets are which is about ten minutes off the strip in Vegas shopping for clothing and you know they have to have all these many outlet stores the one location and thinking about germs source the virus going around yeah yeah and Adam's going through clothing thinking of all the people from around the world who gone through those close to tax them all it starts to make me itch really so then I start talking my face repeatedly because let's face it itching because it's all in my head HM I'm shopping and touching things touching my face is catching my eyes cracked my nose and then that makes you think of all the germs I'm putting in my eyes and my nose look makes me get you the more I was a vicious cycle it's funny how you is that where you landed really yeah it was really I I just I touch my face only drive after a one point in the shopping experience I did that you know what is happening where it's happening here it's happening here whatever germs on the clothes there now in the wall one which is for the share these germs together and it's going to be a coup by ya so I had a chance to interview tonight doctor Timothy bars barred Seth he is a licensed psychologist who received his PhD in counseling psychology from the university of Wisconsin Madison right and I asked him what how are we to handle all of this news you know here it is the coronavirus you've got influenza a and so much more that is in the air where anyone can get contacted you know it can spread pretty quickly because how do you handle this how do you make sure that you're that you're healthy from the inside out that you're not stressing too much because that doesn't help you either of you stress too much you can easily get something to eat so he suggested that we have to make sure that we know how to get help and where to go to get help and he says that you have to gain insight on your own responses to something like a virus like this that they are calling a possible pandemic I don't think we've heard that word in a long time what about you are we out of a meeting with items and working on the name what was ours sars nope after stars have to sign in West Africa Wipro evil you boleh yeah always and the mics are the believe also returned a verdict neither of those were big in America but they were report were farther from the water both were categorized as pandemic neither of them killed as many people as the normal flu has the and and you know this year another years so I think it's important to stress that yes this virus is spreading but it's still not as bad as the flu in terms of how many people are affected how how many have died from it yeah that's that is quite true I'm also it's he talked about making sure that we have coping mechanisms but that we are able to practice how to handle this calming ourselves having meditation that sort of thing he said externalize your your worries in hall a and and and support yourself have people around you that supports you trying to be positive yet educated at the same time so that we know what to do are you finding that you're looking for ways to deal with all that we're hearing about yeah I mean that's exactly what I was doing when I was shopping is I was shopping and it stressed me out a lot more things you bought the eggs and and that that that's you know shopping therapy helped me a lot I'm not sure what to do about the germs in Vegas I then we'll just go see a show or gamble a little bit or get a drink you know that we all really just they are hiding myself in regards to your arms and stress I think I did a very good job and they get your address you did what about the claim with you concerned at all with the plane yeah I mean there there are people sneezing and coughing as there always are on planes I but at that point there's so many germs everywhere I mean there's nothing you can do I just kept telling myself the facts are this is no worse currently then the pulley which I had on and off for lunch late twenty twenty nineteen I kept getting I whatever strain the flu with around and I will get better I kept going back there were many times you and I were talking up pack hacking and coughing still don't throw me don't throw those are the I I had I had to keep telling myself it just doesn't matter the same risk of germ contact that you have elsewhere and just keep going you know I had a great time I went and shopped we wouldn't solve thermal Glock for jelly's portrayed to be one because he was trying to I think to me he.

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