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Earlier in the show. I think my consequences in that story with Janice Dean from Fox News Consequences potentially for have you come? Oh, the governor of New York on his Policies and his orders related to the pandemic. This hour, focusing on consequences of bad behavior, right? Frivolous lawsuits. Not filing your taxes properly or correctly. And this one for guy probably better known for at least it used to be better known for pillows. My pillow. CEO and owner founder Mike Lindell. Well, he has said a lot of things about the election. Famously meeting with the Former President Donald Trump of the White House late in the game in that period, that crazy period between November 3rd and the inauguration of the current president Joe Biden. Well, now the company that he attacked Dominion voting systems. They have now sued Mike Lyndall, chief executive officer of the My Pillow Company. In the District, U. S District Court for the District Columbia Seeking more than Get this 1.3 billion in damages. And it's not the first case they've sued other Talk show holes, TV talkers, others who have made false claims about the integrity of their voting machines, which Is one of the linchpins of all the conspiracy stuff related to the 2020 election and also referred to as the big lie, which the president promulgated and others followed. In line and we've talked about this. My words at nauseam since November, 3rd when most reasonable, rational people understand that was an election fairly held. Really well scrutinized and analyzed challenging court. Those decisions think affirm the votes. And yet Michael in Dallas continued down the road of making false claims about the integrity of the Dominion's voting machines. The plane says he is well aware of the independent artists. Correct paper ballot recounts correct conclusively disproving the big lie that played states. But Lindell sells the lie to this day because the live cells, pillows and She made made a point to me earlier before the show. Doesn't Mike Lyndall care about selling pillows too? Both Political persuasions. We just want Republicans to buy pills. Can they possibly buy enough pills to make him Success, I guess. Well, time will tell us the answer to that now, Linda l on his side, So he was very, very happy to learn about the lawsuit, he says. I have all the evidence on them. This will get disclosed faster on the machine from the attack on our country That's been something he's been talking about consistently. Consequences and a favorite word for this Tuesday for lying about an election. The big line Mike Lyndall least He's gotta get on this consistence with his arguments. Which brings me to number four of the forts and I actually had something different, but I saw this story. And the headline alone is it should give you pause and say, What do we do it in this country Number four, The four It's San. Here's the headline. Maybe see news, please say New York Man killed by exploding gender reveal device. Police in New York, saying expecting father was killed when a device he was building for a gender reveal party exploded. Christopher Pickney, who was the individual was killed was 28 years old. And he was building apparently an explosive device for his child's gender reveal party. The town of Liberty. In New York State wanted exploded just before noon Sunday. He was killed by the blast. His 27 year old brother Michael, was injured. He was treated at the hospital. It's the latest in a long line of these things. Michigan man was killed earlier this month struck by shrapnel from a gender reveal cannon. Then using a baby shower. So I guess this one is unintended consequences. So a couple things and I'm a big fan of the word baseline to, Sir. I apologize for over using here's a baseline for expectant parents. There's nothing wrong with Jenna revealed parties. When you combine explosives, especially handcrafted explosive devices, cannons. No, I don't know anything that launches a mortar. Into the air and agenda reveal party. You're probably playing with Makes perfect sense fire and you're you're risking other people's lives. In this case, the father of the said child is dead because of his Idiocy. Related to just trying to tell people the sex of his baby. Now you can also choose not to find out. That's a viable options. Well, most in the old days as I like to say. People just were surprised. I was surprised we could have found out we didn't We just accepted and I was blessed with two beautiful baby daughters. I've been blessed with two beautiful grandsons. Kind of Ah, Ah Ying and Yang. There's I got the two daughters and I got to two grandson So it worked out perfectly. You don't have to do this stuff. You can be smarter than this, Um I being mean Jordan by being mean to these expected, I agree with you. It's not a story every week every week injured Yeah. How do you think the mother of this child expected Mother now feels she wanted Sure was a joint decision they wanted, a general revealed part of your husband says. Could build you explosive device. She doesn't immediately say no, potentially Maybe she should off and now he's dead. The baby has no father. That's the net result. It's really sad, unintended consequences. I'm not. I don't want to make light of it. I think it's it's serious and stupid at the same time, don't do it. You want to do the pink blue thing? I don't know. Make the cake pink or blue, right? Maybe that's guess We can't do that now, because that's two gender specific. Just have a cake and put on the cake. Hey, we're having a boy. Hey, we're having a girl. Whatever. I don't care what you do. Don't blow things up at your gender Reveal party. Your baby shower? Not a good idea. My, um my crazy on this. I don't think so. My getting, too worked up about it up about it. Probably People are dying because of a general that on its own marriage to drive people nuts. You should not lose your life when you're supposed to be celebrating one of the greatest days of your life. People, people. People don't have to take a break after this shark. Maybe a nap is in order for me. I see people making really bad decisions. I called the consequences this.

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