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And you hang in there with 10 years with the rent paying the mortgage payment, and you probably be in pretty good shape, so I think I think that would be the best option. If you can do it. Our rent her Hayman, Our tenant. Do not cover the mortgage Right now. We're short by 250 a month and so if we refinance will be short on that mortgage. Payment coming in from the tenant by about 452 500 a month. And if you sold it, how much would you Get out of it. Five or 10,000 maximum. Break even Okay? Yeah, I would say if you can continue to subsidize it. By, you know, pain part of that mortgage, then I would probably keep it. Unless it's in a bad area. I don't think there's too many bad areas in Florida right now, but unless it's just in a bad, bad area, I would I would keep it if you can do it without it being burdensome. All right. Thank you very much for your information and for your counsel. We hope you're you're welcome. I'm glad you called. Thank you. I appreciate it. Mm hmm. Yes, Next caller. Hi. This is Dr Wallace and technique. Doc. Uh, to to question now, I got, uh, why don't you tell people who are new members coming in as the members? What they will receive on the human members of your organization. Back away. Uh, remember, but we used and I'd like to know what my Rado worked. You have money in how I go back and who it off the screen. Much mouth should have so much mom so much. You took so much. Zachary's All you can tell me always know, offline. Okay, So you want to know how you can go back and see where you are. I'm not sure. I know what you mean. When you first how you can get it. Young usually fill a We got a division of home and she's having a baby. How much you should have cash. Oh, I see what you're saying. How big is that? Uh, yeah. So be a good idea. Thank you like new people coming online, too. What? The benefits of you wanting your own revelation, but they will learn from that. I'll hang. Listen. Great. Thank you, Doc. I appreciate it. Um, So you know one thing that Doc was asking. Listen, if you become a partner you're going to get we have swore conference calls. Last month. Now, do we do that every month? No, but we do have one every month with our partners. But I don't say why. And he said I was going to do once I'm not doing any more. We We do everything we can to Try to keep you informed, and unfortunately as mother, I don't have to tell you about. There was a lot going on, waited up having our regularly scheduled conference call, plus three others that I felt was necessary for me to have. They were very informative, at least from what my partners were saying. Talk a little bit more about it when we get back right after this break..

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