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Basic premise again absolutely speech must be protected we need to be able to be angry we need to be able to shout bad things we need to be able to punish hateful things and the government can't censor them the government can't favor one viewpoint over another now that being said there are general rules we don't block traffic we follow red lights we don't run in front of people those are reasonable laws and of course we have the right to enforce them so if somebody chooses to enforce or excuse me if somebody chooses to use their free speech rights in a way that also constitute civil disobedience that is lying down on a sidewalk or blocking traffic the free speech is protected but that doesn't mean that they can't be charged with specific crime for the civil disobedience the question for the legislature the question what the courts will look at is is a legislature passing a law for neutral purpose to promote public safety are they targeting one group of people to single them out for more onerous for more restrictive punishment because of who they are or because of what they're saying this go the last few minutes we've got jeffrey we're talking with jeffrey madman from the aclu of missouri and then has to do with college campuses my my now wife is a professor here linda would university we've seen it at middlebury college we've seen it in berkeley we've seen it to some degree at mizzou we've seen it at the college in north west where students essentially took over controversial speakers come in physical force is used to block them and prevent them from speaking why is this something we need.

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