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Of course that was Queen with. We are the champions are will be the Chevy for the staff. How Lord, you know? I just want to say one thing. Go Rams might look it might. It's my hey rooms, he won't care. See to yo ba-. Listen, I'm doing the same thing that you do to me when the Cavs were in the championship you wanna root for Golden State. So guess what? I'm voting for the Rams by is all good. I hope they take their horns and shove it where the sun don't shine for New England Patriots, man. We're America team now. No. Yeah. We are. Now. Patriots are details. Umbro british. We don't like British. No came for breeding. What you I I came from Cleveland, bro, come the collar. They call it. Now. Thirteen calmness. Come on. I didn't come from that my whatever hockey. How can you make bull hockey? Like, I said, man. Like, I say man like is is very Kalk. Aveiro humble is my right here on a very humble to live very humble to be part of organization with on his way to nice VO. I sat out on a tube craft a spectacular job. Julia airmen spectacular job gronkowski. Everybody for the patriots and spectacular job for air by for the Rams, Jared, Gulf Raba woods Brandin cooks. Tar girly CJ Allyson Duncan SU autumn boils over that. You know is this time humble, really? That's the word. You're gonna pay all time to go home around humble ever helped out door ya'll down in hotlanta. You know, it's going to be Krung. He's gonna be lit, TIMMY. Okay. Now, he's going to be losing halftime show this year. My maroon five and Travis Scott bra. I don't even like maroon fire finds pretty s-. A decent enough for me. Yeah. They are you love them. Well, no maroon five song. Really? Yeah. I don't know. One moves like Jagger who you don't know moves like Jagger. There's no real. Yeah. I thought Jagger. Well, you don't know. Let's see. To this. The whole. I know they do like was it. Thank you voice. Yeah. I know him. Listen, we go to launch after the show gonna play. Some songs you hurt. You've heard them brought them on my years. They're just one of those bands that are on everything. And you and you don't know until like, you're okay. I don't know, man. You might you might like to do that. Adam. Adam I wanna say Levin. Oh, L Adam LeVine. Okay. Levin, computer. What's the guy from who plays for Chicago, vaguely, Zak? Yeah. I don't I came. But who knows you never know? Exactly. I don't you know, what we're out of time for talking about New England Patriots. So any any closing words Jego? You can't teach greatness is already in your bullet liar. Man. It stinks in here. Go pay. It's a whole load of Bs. Thanks in a new par drops every Monday Friday. You can subscribe on items and be sure to leave us an honest, five star review out more at are you here in this part dot com.

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