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It won't even look at her to dismiss it as nonsense, you know, and it's never going to be studied in the proper type of trial. You'd have to study it in, you know? So. And his pitches hinted, if you're not a hyper absorb of sterile, probably giving a fighter sterile supplements. Good because it does compete with cholesterol firm, so you will absorb less cholesterol. And maybe that's one way of lowering Elia cholesterol. I would say, who cares? But it you would get a little bit of ape, obey reduction in certain people with that. But if you're a hyper absorb unplugging your body with something evolution didn't want in your body, why would I do? So I beg anybody who's a big advocate of supplementing Fido. Steles please monitor Fido styles in the bloodstream. That's how you identify own my God. You're the one person. I absolutely should not be given us to, and I can send you a lot of data Peter Saul about showing you file toxic city and humans and stuff. So. And when we say someone's a hyper absorb, I mean, you and I both. Written about this ad nauseam. So we'll link to it rather than get into a diatribe, but we're basically talking about, and your analogy is my favorite. I've always borrowed it outright stole it. I hopefully have always given you credit. You got a ticket taker in the bar name pixie when like on transporter, he lets everybody in if you can find. Yeah, let's any sterile. And if you can fit through the door, you're coming in, but then you've got this ATP binding cassette g. five g. eight. And that's the bouncer. That's the enforcer. That's the one who in theory probably informed by LX are is making some sort of decision about your good guy. You're bad guy. You gotta go, you gotta stay when someone is genetically hyper absorb is the quote unquote defect more on the the ticket taker or on the bouncer turns out that it's both because and when we talk about absorption, let's face it. There's a million molecules can be absorbed by your intestine. We're talking about sterile absorption right now and cholesterol is a key ingredient for human life. So.

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