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Definitely can't it's okay. How much time gushing over. What the the hawks have as a nucleus right. And i don't think it can be argued that the celtics nucleus is somehow like drastically inferior to what the hawks are dealing with now I think they gotta do some house cleaning. I think they need to do some planning around all right. We have the kids the two kids signed. For how long. When did we make winter. We gonna be able to make our move again around them. I don't think that's next season. We're probably the season after that one you know. So that's what it comes down to is. When do they make their next move after this. You know because it's clear that they did the thing with when they got kharian here and they had hayward and they had horford and they had all of these people and they had all these chips and had the kids on rookie deals and they could. They felt like they put together this super team. I think they need to start thinking about when that next one will be even though these two guys will be on max's now We'll see what happens. I think it's might be like a one year. Not even a rebuilt but just play. Romeo lankford play air. Niece smith play grant williams. Play robin williams. These guys have talent. But they've got play if esther kind of like coaching two worlds where they wanna win all the time now but they have like five. Rookie deals sneed minutes. And they give those guys minutes. Maybe in two years they're really good. Yep romeo langford is the answer times of lesser. He had a good time. Is flat cirque. All right. I just wanted to quickly see some of off seasons for some of these other teams. That went out here. We'll see one question for all three teams. That went out with the wizards here sharks. I'm going to start with you. Because i could tell you're going to have an answer for this one bradley beal. was noncommittal afterwards. We'll see how that one plays out. It kinda comes down to what he wants to know how to project that out my question for you. Sharks is scott brooks you bring him back. I mean if you're going to bring westbrook back you kind of have to write. I don't know like they're kinda tied at the hip at this point. It seems like i mean if your goal is to tank one. I mean and to me. Because that's what the wizards should be doing. Are you got your free leone as you got your playoff. Did it feel great to get utterly trounced in the first round by a vastly superior team that you like that feeling. Did you love it on a team. That like you know. I i like really. I liked what. I've seen a little bit i saw from denny. Lake argued dislike all right. You know some teams lose in the first round and you say you so. Yeah we're building towards the future is completely fine. Everything's gonna be great. I don't think that that's the that's what with the energy were feeling from washington here. So it's like yet bring russell scott brooks back so you get some good lottery. Picks next year. That's that's my thing but they do get rid of bill. Get get your asset for bradley. Do and and move all because this is obviously not some type of winning formula here. I think it's always a matter of what's the alternative like. Who's the coach. You wanna bring in. What kind of coaches that because again. Yeah if they're going to feel the same kind of team and expect dramatically different results. That is not the scott brooks way exactly. And he's he's had a good run here to be honest with you like five years in a job. That's a long time for an nba coach. They have not shown a ton. There's been upheaval. There's been injuries. There's been lots of reasons to explain that. I don't see this team having an incredible upward trajectory. With what it's got and so you're either shaking up the roster. You're changing the coach. Maybe both i don't really have a problem. If they wanna take a dramatically different direction. And if beale you know for his noncommittal as he was if he starts pressuring in the summer wanting something different which would be totally within his right. I think he's certainly done his time there. That is easy clean. Opportunity to transition to a different kind of coach. And what you might wanna in more of a renovating situation for the wizards right All right let's do grizzlies here quickly. rob what do you think the grizzlies need at this point. It seems like they fall into the lot of guys category. They have a lot of young talent. That showed pretty well in the playoffs. Here like bain was good. Tillman name didn't get many minutes. The stretch but it seems like he might be a good parent jaren jackson. Is there anything you see here. That can clarify what they've already shown in the playoffs. I'm trying to figure out a way where they can keep the defensive intensity that they have especially on the perimeter like were therapy possessions in that series where the jazz could not even get below the free. Throw line so up into them. I think that's great. How do you keep that but squeeze in a little more juice off instantly. They do not have it. You know the point of having job mirant is that is a beautiful off ball player that he's so versatile they can. You can score in so many different ways. Impact the game in so many different ways. I want someone to take the ball out of his hands. Just a little bit to play him in that capacity. Because with this series. You know once dillon brooks started playing like just an all star not a first ballot hall of famer. Everything kind of went back to normal. And we've got the sense that you just much better team. They just need a little bit more. Scoring and counting on dillon brooks to be that guy To be a guy you're going to build a statue of outside your arena every night. That's just not it right. All right last one was who is the superstar that knicks fans are going to be beckoning new york this summer. I mean i think the obvious answers. Bill seems like that's obvious you know. We've seen the booker stuff kind of calmed down because the sons have been so successful. Yeah it'll be bill I remember. I remember one of my Frank good friends. Who's a nick fan hitting me very early in the season or midway point the knicks thing. He's like how does brad beal not make this team a contender on. Do you have like. I was not jerry although i would love to hear from jerry About a firm basis really over here. That's my boy boy no Yes is bradley beal and to be honest. I don't think it's the worst thing to the next to you. Know chase second tier eastern conference them right like basically not to you know. Kick him again. But the hawks you know like you're always guaranteed to be in the top five. You might some day. Put a nice enough mixed together to be super frisky one year and even make it to the second round in conference finals. Or whatever and get beat down. But i don't think it's the worst thing in the world for the knicks to get to the second round and put a scare in a team for six games like that's that's a great outcome for franchise that is completely stunk. Up the joint for twenty years That's not hyperbole. That's not overstating it. That's just empirical fact for twenty years. Knicks has stunk up the joint shit. So they should be clamoring for brad. Beal for some level of continued competence. I don't disagree with you. I do think that after another year of competence those same knick fans will be wondering why there isn't a title hanging in the rafters a all right. Let's under there. Thank you for joining us. Thank you to isaiah blakeley. i'm production. We will be back next week. I think we back on wednesday. Let's just say wednesday going forward and if we're not nobody will really care until then whenever that is..

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