Illinois mayor’s niece admonishes him for attending wedding in Florida without mask


Of an Illinois mayor. Is blasting. Uncle for attending a large wedding here in Florida. He was huddled. Closely and photographed with relatives who weren't wearing face coverings, and this was just days after floating a potential mass mandate in his city. Yeah. Wow. Kristen Shaw, Rico who was a co host of YouTube's The Kitchen and Jordan Show or your own show and a former Buzzfeed personality, publicly criticized her uncle Naperville, Illinois Mayor Steve Cheri Co. Or she Eriko for attending his daughter's nuptials in Naples. Here in Florida. A photo surfaced purportedly From this party surfaced on Twitter. He's not sorry, and that's tremendous insult to you and your families. So here's the knee's going after her uncle, the mayor of Naperville, Illinois, Illinois, He should be held accountable. Demand updates You belong to this community, too. Again. This is a story of what do as I say, not as I do what he thought he could leave Illinois. And nobody would be watching him. Come on.

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