Vandals Try to Pull Down Chicago Park's McKinley Statue

NBC Nightly News


Now to the mystery after a nationwide spree of destruction aimed at statues of historical figures like george washington and abraham lincoln tonight. Who might have done it. And why lane alexander reports in spokane washington. It was a statue of president. Lincoln splashed with red paint in portland. A cemetery dedicated to veterans of america's nineteenth century wars tagged with graffiti toppled george washington statue in minneapolis and chicago. This statue at mckinley park historic monuments and during the thanksgiving weekend all targeted by vandals on many a similar message anti-colonialism graffiti no more genocide and the words land back an apparent reference to a campaign focused on returning american land to indigenous peoples so far in portland three arrests for facing grocery store all of it reminiscent of similar backlash against confederate statues. In recent years message that people are trying to deliver that they want to see a change. A change in the system of white supremacy that is characterized by these public events and memorials that speed to a very painful pass across the country. Police are still searching for those responsible.

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