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It's three or five Thursday, the 26th Day of November. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for joining us. This afternoon. I'm least the fielding. We have. 45 degrees could be mainly cloudy for the rest of our Thanksgiving with the high of 48. We'll check in with the rest of the holiday weekend into next week. The actuator five day forecast coming up in about 10 minutes, But first we begin with the latest on the coronavirus. Today, the only public health department reports 12,022 new cases of covert 19 and 131 deaths. The state is on track to breach over 12,000 deaths and 700,000 cases by tomorrow as the average statewide positivity rate climbs slightly to 12% hell. Fish. Health officials have raised concerns about the spread of covert 19 and father found at family gatherings for Thanksgiving today and have pleaded with the public to hold virtual dinners

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