621 Italian Wine and Music; Nomadland USA


Of italy. And you're making your own wine now and you've got tour groups that come in and and experienced the wine. How do you teach an appreciation of italian wine. Well actually i'm just implanted my vineyard only two years ago so we are not yet at the stage of producing and also having groups arriving back in the future i plan to do so and i am not the only one who's Starting a new vineyard region which is compound yeah and Precisely maybe near is in the area of europeana which is close to a sexually between avellino benevento and It's a process that many young people in companion starting to do again like going back to the land. That families said abandoned for many years when they moved to the cities to work there now. Many people are thinking it's a good idea to restart producing implanting nervion yards but being not a professional of this sector economic implant to limit it a quantity which is called italy personal use quantity. I know this sounds something. How many bottles is personal use. It's not in terms of bottles in surface you can you can. It's like actually One thousand square meters maximum. That quite small. It's all it's like nine thousand square feet and how many bottles you produce in a you can produce out of that probably Seven hundred hundred bottles sending like that depending on the year and the quick enough for you and your friends exactly. That's the idea. There's a blended personal use. That's a lot of energy. You're putting into y. You must really love wine. I love wine and does so actually starting in the same plot which is bigger. I started with the olive

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