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And now all the analysts are coming out and lowering the guidance today earnings sales the works apple down now apple reports may i and i don't think they're worried about what they're gonna report i think there were gonna worry about what's the come that's the story on apple and definitively a huge influence and the apple suppliers are getting mauled semiconductors not so you know as i mentioned if you look at the semiconductor group sox socks that's back at the april lows of come straight down your now tracing out the rocky mountains i am all my nickname so things when you start seeing the rocky mountains on a chart that's not good you know you get a mountain and it's not as big and then you've got bigger mountain comes down and then you get these jagged moves up and down but it makes mountains it's usually not good and that's what the semiconductor index looks like and again it's very important to our work and that is not good news simple as that you look at the snp the snp did finish below the fifty day moving average today just by a smidge it doesn't mean the end of the world but the weight of the evidence a lot of these other areas starting to you know the dow finished below the fifty day moving average also by smidge nasdaq finished below the fifty day moving average bias mitch and by the way they were above the fifty day by a smidge and the same for the nasdaq one hundred the transports which had a strong two two out of three days this week more like a normal little pullback so far we'll let you know as it moves forward the finance kind of kobe toast you look at the xl left one two three four five weeks sitting under the fifty day but above the two hundred day they were definitely stronger earlier today until the market got kicked.

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