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Or having a severe reaction. Let me interrupt a second doctor, Sal Joe Johnny, because only got a couple minutes left, and I wanted to switch real quick to mass right now. In the tri state and pretty much everywhere else in the world. There's a debate over whether kids going back to school should mask or not mask. If it's a big deal, Parents are going to war with school boards and the like. Despite a more overwhelming number Americans saying it's really not that big deal, but nonetheless what do you say to parents who don't want their kids wearing masks? For whatever reason, some saying they can't breathe? They can't study. They can't read lips. They can't. Um uh, you know, and I would agree. They probably aren't wearing them properly to begin with, because their kids are still going to touch their face and inside their mouth and things like that. But All that included. What do they do They do anything? Should we have a mask mandate or not? For kids going back to school? They do do something for Children as well. It just It's common sense. You know, it doesn't block 100% of the virus. Anybody wears glasses and wears a mask knows that you still have The ability for the respiration to come out. But it does blunted, and that's why it's important for everyone in the area to have masks so that you're protecting yourself from these the scribes, But instead of when you converse ease, you know it projects out. Some people say six FT. Some people say three FT. But it projects out and it's the droplets that carry the virus that you can breathe in and get the infection. So, yeah, I do Think mass. Wearing masks in schools for Children is not unreasonable. If parents want to take the chance that their Children will be exposed to the virus and tax the virus, I do think that they have a right to refuse their Children to wear masks. But they're putting their Children at risk. And we have my wife and I have five wonderful Children and 10 grandchildren and they are basking, uh, you know, and I don't understand why that's Problem. Kids don't like sitting in a school chair. All of a sudden we start listening to kids what they want. What? They I'm uncomfortable. That's fine. I don't want to eat my vegetables. Okay, fine. Right. Well, it's important to listen to that. So I don't want to navigate completely. But I do think we have an obligation to explain to them help them understand how this helps protect themselves And how how to protect grandpa and Grandma as well as Mom and dad. If you're an older mom and dad, a lot of Lot of folks have had their Children in their forties and fifties. Now, uh and they are more highly susceptible to the virus and their kids. So you know, it helps protect all the way around. And if you happen to have a person who's immunologically compromised at home? For whatever reason, and a child and a young child goes back and forth school. They can shuttle back and forth that virus very easily. That's that's a very dangerous situation. So even if you've been vaccinated and you're immunologically compromised You still can have some very bad consequences if you get infected with Covid. Yes, it's interesting. The the machinations that people go through to justifying the kids in the mask is like, Well, if we just left everything up to kids, they wouldn't eat broccoli, and they wouldn't go to church. So, uh, all right, They have their dessert for breakfast. And like, Hey, we're gonna go. Let's go. Let's go all the way. Dr Salinger. Johnny is always on the show this morning on 700 wlw. He is a doctor of pharmacy. From the men's health network. And thanks so much for the inside, always appreciate coming on the show. Always my pleasure. Scott have a good day to be a health union lecture. I have. There you go. You got some facts about covid and the mask thing, too, And we'll continue talking about that. And I have a kind of an accident ground here with where things are headed, especially at the state Legislature, where the debating given an exemption. Any business doesn't want you to have a vaccine, or at least have their employees vaccinated and Um, for the life of me. I can't figure out this thing out. Anyway, We'll talk about that at 5.3749 7000 Quick time out. We got news and more to follow on 700 wlw with a world trapped in fear and chaos, American streets dripping with lawlessness and my crummy neighbor who lets his dog use my lawn is a toilet. We are all in need of a man of Values. Yeah, a man of substance. A man who never takes up two spaces in the parking lot. And that man is Bill Cunningham, Listen to Willie.

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