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It means a lot for me for both of us probably like as opportunity because for both of us this is such a huge were so so grateful for this opportunity to come here and grow and make good TV yes but celebrate people and share their story and got I'm getting emotional means like opportunity if that makes sense I mean like every time we do a shoot someone's telling you about a new project that's being developed or new restaurant or a new vent or it's the second year in their planning so much more of this event so growth I mean I'm I think I'm here that awesome time Ooh welcome everyone to another episode of the which podcast my name's land today sponsor is ill premo Espresso cafe AU Primo is not only the oldest copy shop in Wichita but also was recently renovated El Primo has a prime location at woodland in central it's great before work during the day or on the weekend try their drink of the week a white chocolate maple spice cold brew with Cold Foam and cinnamon sprinkles today's guests are Josh Silverman and Jillian Carol of the Good Day Kansas team good day Kansas has a very similar mission to Wichita life and aims to bring Kansas to you we dive into what motivates Josh and Jillian and what brought them both to Wichita German conversation with Josh and Jillian all right here we are in the Wichita Library and I'm here with Josh Silverman and Gillian Carol of the Good Day Kansas team here you guys doing doing well really got thank you so we just were on your segment with when that airs but we wanted to get you guys on and kind of flip the script on you guys so first time for that that's pretty cool So I think my hands exactly yes we'll be on Youtube so anyway look so I just want to know a little bit about you guys so what good day Kansas is and then just a little bit about you guys so start off what is good day Kansas yes they will good day Kansas everything no kidding Gigi and this is a lifestyle entertainment television show on the local NBC affiliates Okay S. N. Channel Three right here in Wichita and really we were laughing the earlier but our tagline says it all our tagline is bringing Kansas to you and we just aimed to really support the community and to us that means different businesses parts of the state showcasing hidden gems. It's like we're saying our promo code but it's really that's what it is to ask so it's a vehicle to support local but businesses shine light on really great people great things that are happening and really just show why it is such a great state live in I think often times things get overlooked maybe in this side of the state and maybe even even western Kansas as well so shannon light on that really convent's we like to promote a lot of events that are coming up you know we say pretty current on that and so whether it's in our intro segment you know like the candidates humane society it clearly shelter next weekend we did a lot with that so it just kind of getting the community and promoting with which about Wichita and Kansas yeah definitely yeah we can definitely a guy on that one same thing for Wichita you guys start on a bigger scale for all of Kansas but yeah I agree a lot of people would just kinda right Kansas off as a fly over state and not really worry about it so how often do you guys put these out and what's the kind of turnaround time on the east looking online you look at the past week posts and uh-huh Twenty clips out there so what does that look like so we have four segments a day including our intro which we usually don't post Grad so comes out to every day we usually don't do the intro because it's usually about us kind of what's coming up in the show or or what's happening so it's kind of more standard but we have four others segments a day and we have a bunch of recurring segments with your fitness segment a segment about Furry friends which is you know you would think it just fanfare yeah but it's really just been all animals We have a bunch of different things throughout the week and the turnaround time it kind of depends on what is but people have been great in terms of getting us out there to promote their van or just working with them to set up a time for a shoot so it's been less than twenty four hours or it's been the longer end of the spectrum but it's very manageable and we love doing it yeah and so we started in February as a Monday through Friday show which which really was twenty five agreements a week and we got it off the ground and Josh joined the show and now where you have added Sunday so we added that as an additional day of programming now we're up to thirty into week and like Josh said they we go all over the state so sometimes we will make a trek out to western Kansas and just get as many what's as we can as many segments as times they'll air later but yeah we try to hit every area of life from being healthy and fit to being a parent to music and things like that cool forgot was going to ask so you guys try is that like every week or every other week do you how often do you travel side of Wichita Man I would say every week either one of us maybe it's Josh when weakened me the next vice versa maybe it's both of us and when we go we chart a really doc it in and we have an awesome team journal in the face of leave an awesome team behind them and so they're trying to kind of load that day up so maybe it's like every other week or is you go twice a week and then you go a little bit but it's great for me especially coming to Kansas is I've been able to see so much of the state that I wouldn't have had a desk job or anything probably more than a lot of people that have grown up here on holiday for hands in different areas we actually did a week long road trip and we went through Western Kansas we hit thirty three towns I didn't even know that some of these towns existed and I draw in Kansas City it was wild definitely educational for US yeah for sure disease is this on TV as well as online I've only ever watched on I'm usually don't have cable but so wisit air on TV cable either but yes we air so Monday through Friday on NBC Channel Three in which trump thirty twelve thirty and then Sunday mornings at ten thirty am cool Andy Most people reach out to you guys or do you find the stories and reach out to them let other Oh yeah which I think is the cool part for us because we do get to have some say in showcase what we think is important but then we have a lot of people reach out in need of help or you know just important things feel like we are what's been awesome as we'll be on a shoot I don't know if you've heard but this person's doing this using preventing the community the next week you them were I give you the contact info so one person will connect you to now they're so it's kind of a mix of everything that's awesome so let's what good Kansas is a little bit about you guys and what brought you to Wichita specifically even Kansas for your sake so josh will start with you where did you grow up with your story so I grew up in New York kind of a long ways from here I went to school in Connecticut I went to Quinnipiac University and I studied journals from there I was you know you did research other of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity a pile of being part of it it was a lot of fun to kind of start it and just and be a part of it I mean I mean some people don't love the look of Greek life but I loved being a part of it and still very close with everyone that I was in the fraternity with and graduated in May and I always you know throw a college I did a lot of student media works on it covered the basketball teams in the last few years it kind of evolved to doing personality pieces with the players and people in the administration or just around campus and lucky enough to be here sending my my tape out and I actually I took this job without even coming to Kansas I spoke to Jillian and the rest of the team and I was so completely sold on their mission and what they did in the community the and how the Operation Ryan that I didn't I didn't need to come out percents so I'm very happy here it's been a lot of fun everyone at the station including the Good Day Kansas but really the reporters and producers have been really welcoming to me a lot of them maybe aren't necessarily from Kansas so they like and it's just been incredible that's a great story and welcome your story kind of through college with the different projects you're working on so up until college it was something I thought would be cool but I never I didn't know how the media world worked I didn't have like an internship I didn't really have I knew one person in the industry you're not very close to me I didn't have a relative in Oh is kind of saying that I looked on TV and I was like Oh this is awesome and then I was always into sports growing up never good enough to play any sports so I will always I always hope rounded and so of course you hope to be on ESPN but you don't know how to go about that. Her and I showed up my first day my friends like to joke in his baggy sweatshirt like slow freshman a walk into the TV station I said is this the radio station 'cause I always loved radio and they like no this is the TV station. I kind of I really got the people that were in the TV station and I loved it and I started covering the basketball teams and just with each story which with each press conference and and and everything I really liked him more and more and I felt pretty comfortable on Air I felt like I was just kind of being my goofy self and it just evolved into be more comfortable than it'd be more confident than that evolving into doing pieces that could show some creativity yeah what do you think most improved your skills was they practice reps in front of talking to players every day well what improved the most or how I would say yeah doing it a lot and gaining that confidence and it's it's like you know they say it slowdown for athletes when they WANNA get out and it would be like I remember my first time being on air it literally went in a blink because it was it went so fast and then by my senior year I'd be in the middle of a debate or something and universe like a sports surveys and could write down what they were saying repeated them because I was so in the moment and it just came with growing youth to grow as a person you know that was kind of a lot of college was from me was growing as a person and so as I was able to that I was able to do more have a clear direction of where I wanted to be after school and so kind of worked my way back and do pieces like that school so a couple of the projects that I found kind of doing the research you interview the president while riding around in a golf cart and then you would do some hidden cameras and pranks can you tell stories about this year so so I'm a big fan of this show impractical jokers I mean like I came to school and I was like you all these cameras like let's do it and like I said like I don't think I was ready or I was ready to lead those products would say I don't think I was ready to do that fresh in sophomore junior year and senior year I did this like ours. TV station predominantly male pageant kind of like a joke on the whole concept of it And so I had these funny guys I was with for the station hey guys let's do this and I didn't really I wasn't really planning it but we did and it was a lot of fun and then my senior you're like hey guys like let's do this real so we sat down we had like a meeting we planned it out we had I think three camera people five on air home for about three hours isn't library starting all day and like I needed a laugh you know like Oh yeah suffer feels good face and then the president I had a lot of ideas for stuff I do tours the school and it was kind of tough to do things with the athletes but the administration was a little different so we hired a new president my senior year my university did and I was like you know our station did allow news in terms of like covering our press conferences covering her policies but that was never I was into and I was like look we don't really know anything about her so let me do something where you kind of fun and I had this idea of I remember coming up with Australian more than I was like this is what I have so much fun it was January and then I sat on it and kind of planted like occasionally up until the basketball season ended and the shift focus so I had to go I I convinced the people at the station like the higher the PR- yeah our station and kind of said like look this is what i WanNa do and he took a little bit of convincing but not much because yet serious about it then my ballot a couple of weeks of back and forth with the president's people and sitting down with them and are presented them with the eight ideas they were like fake with her play like a game monopoly or like just fun stuff get her in a setting where it's all fine in the golf cart was broke number one shirt and for them it was like drive around this beautiful campus and we went they were sold on that when a couple of days before and we test drove the golf course my friends and I am as a lot of fun and we set up to go pros four camera people a golf cart ahead of us with her people people driving security guard like impressive thing yeah so we want for about forty five minutes cut it down to about seventeen and it was.

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