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Wednesday of this week Mark Zuckerberg went up to Capitol Hill Thank you chairwoman waters wrecking member mckenry and members of the committee thank you for the opportunity to testify today in theory he was there to testify about facebook's cryptocurrency Lebron in practice he was there to be opinion for members of Congress Mr doc Berg I want to get through a number of questions diverse asset management fair housing issues diversity and inclusion in privacy you're day in particular lawmakers seem to want to focus on facebook's policy of not fact checking political ads you announced recently that the official policy of facebook now allows politicians to pay to spread disinformation in twenty twenty elections and in the future so I just want to know how far I can push ask new plan on doing no back checking on political ads chairwoman our policy is that we do not in fact check politicians speech and Zuckerberg's last time in front of Congress was in the spring of two thousand eighteen yell Eisenstein remembers that day perfectly the last time he testified was the day they made a job offer to me in fact they actually call me with the final offer one minute after his testimony ended that day yells background is fast dating she's been a CIA officer advised Vice President Biden on national security done corporate responsibility for companies and in two thousand eighteen at that point in her life she was looking for the next thing and facebook came calling I watched the entire hearing I watched how many times he talked about elections in particular around the world as a top priority they called me and gave me the exact title that spoke to the core of my priorities and who I am offered me this shiny title of Head of Global Elections Integrity Operations Yell is the kind of person talks about civil discourse and preserving democracy in regular conversation she's an idealist but she says she wasn't naive about the challenges I didn't have rose colored glasses thinking I was going to change the company an old enough and worked in the world enough to know that that was not what I thought but I was not an easy easy interviewer like I was very clear don't hire me if you don't mean eh I'm very excited to help this company think through these very challenging questions of what role are we playing in global politics and global Chrissy and so I went in thinking if what they offered me is true which was to build and had this new team to hire a team and to really help think through what is the best way for us to ensure that we are not harming democracy scene auctions around the world then how could I say no if you can hear in her voice but it didn't work out the way she wanted well.

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