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The us would need as many as five thousand judges to catch up with the backlog of cases involving undocumented persons the us it'd that elaborate as part of his justification in calling for instant deportation at the same time the president's happy he signed the order ending children being separated president trump saying in the oval office he does not regret signing the executive order last wednesday ending separating adults and children arrested for crossing into the ucla legally as for his tweets about near instant deportation with no due process for migrants mr trump thinks it meshes with keeping families together a nice simple system that works you know mexico halls people for four hours for five hours for two hours and we have people for four five six years and they never leave says in twenty eleven mexico changed its immigration laws giving some due process rights to illegal immigrants before that deportation could be swift bob costantini washington harley davidson facing rising costs from new tariffs to begin shifting production of motorcycles heading for europe from the us to factories overseas harley sees it europe is a critical market for the company you look at last year it did fifteen percent of its business their forty thousand motorcycles were sold so for now harley is basically going to eat the higher tariff costs the company says it's going to take a hit of thirty million to forty five million dollars for the rest of the year and if you look at the full year the impact could be as high as one hundred million dollars correspondent alison kasich well this'll be very hot week in albuquerque but we could see a break in the weather by the weekend national weather service meteorologist roger smith says it could be hint that the monsoons aren't far off large for high that's gonna give us a hot weather through thursdays going to start to slide east late thursday and by friday we could see some moisture move up from northern mexico smith says whenever we see moisture moving up from the south in late june or early july it's an encouraging sign that the monsoons.

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