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Receiver shanahan's i've a former college wide receiver and he believes that he can pick out a wide receivers that are are perfect for his offense and dante pettis is he's basically a renaissance man comes from a very interesting family obviously his dad gerry was a longtime baseball player his mother is a former raiders cheerleader there from the oakland area so there's a lot of interesting things in his background and sort of a renaissance man quality extends to the field dante pettis has a very very good feel for playing wide receiver and that means that he can play all the all the spots he's a great route runner you watch his his film some of the games that he played at washington he just has tremendous body control really fluid guys great at setting up defensive backs with his body you know going one way and actually heading the other in creating space and that's precisely why cow shanahan i think they treated up fifteen spots to get him and that was a bit of a surprise i mean you know dante pettis was going to go on day two of the draft i think he went higher than anyone thought he would and then the team that got him a forty niners ended up you know aggressively going up to to get him so it's gonna be very interesting to watch over the years and to see whether this pans out the way that cow shanahan things that it will i didn't know we're talking about barrels last couple minutes here of course are.

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