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I think it's a hiccup you'd want this whole vaccination is a marathon and this is kind of having a cramp that maybe kilometer five and the question to me is. How do we recover from this crafted. Focus on when we get vaccine getting it into people promptly and not just get hung up on on this reality. We know we're going to be problems. Always supply issues with everything so you have to adjust their questions as to whether perhaps this is a sign that canada has invested too much and pfizer and weather may be other vaccines might get approval in the coming weeks and months. That could help. Close that gap. Is that likely. Do you think no. I think the reality is the whole world. Wants these vaccines and they're trying to companies are juggling to try and get into first of all those who have contracts and then in the order of contracts who's paying etc so people are looking you know we have contracts with pfizer madonna. We have a whole bunch of contracts. The next one up his astra zeneca. That hasn't been approved yet. It will be approved in short order but the reality is people have to realize even if it's approved today we won't get astra zeneca Vaccines until at least april. They have to come off the line so these are not issues that can be solved immediately your overnight in anyway. In the meantime there are politicians. Who would like to to be solved immediately and certainly overnight take a listen to the premier of ontario. Doug ford nothing is more important than then getting these vaccines in his shoes. I'm sure he is doing it. But i'd be on that phone call every single day. That'd be up. That guy's being so far with a firecracker he wouldn't know what hit them with from pfizer. Andre picard is there anything that the premier of ontario doug ford or the premier of alberta jason kenney who wants provincial lawyers to look perhaps procuring in the provinces own supply. Is there anything that they can do about this. I don't think so other than the bombast. The politics i think you know the reality is what would they do. They have been offered any concrete solutions. How things would change if they were a people's yin yang premier. Ford said so eloquently. I i think you know the reality is. There's a supply chain problem. It's one that's really profound in candidate has to be resolved after this pandemic for good. There's a reality of only so much vaccine can be produced. I think time would be better spent planning for what's going to happen when we do get vaccines and we're going to have a lot of but not till april and then you know maybe a little bit to more self reflection on what they're not doing well instead of just criticizing other levels of government. You wrote in part of this is about getting the vaccine but it's also as standard brown is saying. Get it into the arms of canadians. You wrote this week of vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers. Why why does that exist in that field well. The reality of healthcare workers are like the general population..

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