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That really flustered him right before that. Good point good point. I'm so what are your thoughts. What are your thoughts on. Like head ryerson in general. We haven't really broken down. Ned ryerson other than the fact that he's in silicon valley. His character is he seems super friendly but yeah also a little bit little bit too. I don't know. I don't know another word other than just kind of annoy. He's out there. I'm just going to be out. He sucks you sound. Maybe he's not that friendly. 'cause you really just approaches the student training insurance That he wasn't really trying to be friendly. We all have one guy in our hometown. You're like why are you talking to me. Still like i haven't talked to you in fifteen years. Leave me alone. But we're not for and that's how i got for me. I immediately was like dude. You're bugging me leave me alone. This is like go back to the grocery store. My grocery store clerk. Who's checks me out. I don't wanna have a conversation with you every day. I don't wanna hear about your life. This is kind of what nejra harrison's coming for it and i know that you're making me so self conscious right now i'm like oh i should say hi to this guy and then i'm like oh no they'll think i'm an asshole and now you're like making now you're making me feel like. Oh yeah i definitely they say this guy right now. I'm good with hi. i'm good with. Hello i'm good with. How's your day okay. good. I'm going small talk. I don't wanna hear about how your house plants have died and you're trying to bring them back to life. Which is a conversation..

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