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Here on kfi this doesn't happen often so it's worth noting john kobylt as always come into work by heard there was a freeway chase and of course that's not that interesting because most of them are rather dull but at the moment i'm looking for an update they can't find them he got lost no he got loose you got going into the you know with the fox hills mall in culver city they drove into the parking structure and i guess they abandoned their white bmw sedan and that that's a black hole that place that is my least favorite shopping mall parking lot it is kinda it's it's impossible is kind of a bit of a puzzle i've gone there a couple of times but you're not that familiar it's the parking lot is is like fifteen different places these weird levels or something like that i noticed there's never any spaces and it's it's a weird lay out of the stores it's it's it's just a pain in the asses when it has to male burglary suspects and involved a number of freeways but they ended up on the one on one then southbound four zero five and got off there i think it was slauson and made their way over to the westfield shopping center in culver city and then that's a good place to go there's the looking for my set up a perimeter so if they know what they look like but that's still you've got thousands of people in there yeah now that i remember guy did that a few years ago he ran into a mall and i i don't they ever caught him or what it's often as you really know who you're looking for these just blend in that place is a nightmare it's so strangely constructed the roads the parking lots the access ramps i mean everything is just guys who were going to do this and then decide all right well if the police are onto us chase us we ought to have a place to dump out.

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