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Valley then tomorrow partly sunny with highs in the mid seventies and then on Thursday more sunshine with highs in the high sixties so that's a look at your three day forecast all right let's get a little news from your neighborhood our par now or technical producer joins us now with something happen locally yes this coming out of the Sacramento bee so authorities are turning to Yuba city high school gyms into triage centers as they prepare for the worst case scenario surge of coronavirus patients seeking metal teach in medical treatment exceeding the capacity of the world's areas only hospital the gems of the Yuba city and river valley high school gyms they were selected okay so that comes on news that they're going to convert the old and peering into Thomas one four hundred beds if needed in a couple of weeks right getting those already it'll be interesting to see is the the projections are changing all the time because our behavior has changed and is impacting that I'll tell you right now the curve is moving in the right direction morning it is really good I mean we're we're on the right we get it we both pull we can't let our guard down now don't list but about the gas Wall Street journal is an interesting article doctors who care for Pat's otherwise known as veterinarians okay also in a trying time and I know this from personal experience because our darkest not teeth issues which happens when they get a little older right so there was an elective surgery that we're going to talk about doing well that's all been put on hold just like humans so even these vets and all and people who have pets all of this is just been put on the back burner for now well it's just putting you know just unbelievable major pressure on companies small businesses and large companies out so anyway that's in the Wall Street journal this morning vets are paying the price this morning all right looking for work a lot of people are doing it hello looking for a job for millions of Americans is much different during this pandemic of these steps the first steps you can take to get noticed and potentially higher we're gonna have that about three minutes more than just the headlines why is this happening the latest news is an audio clip from the news conference plus insight and perspective to the news go beyond the headlines and dig deeper on news ninety three point one K. F. B..

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