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In Caldwell county they're reporting their first doubt the new Braunfels man in his forties house lawmakers have been scrambling to get back to DC over worries the coronavirus stimulus package will not pass by a simple voice vote there are fears the Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie is going to request a recorded vote that means that the house members need to be present to cast their votes the more than two trillion dollar measures should be taken up today the U. S. now has the most cases of corona virus in the world data from John Hopkins university shows the U. S. has more than eighty two thousand cases that passes both Italy and China over eleven hundred people have died in the United States most of those deaths in New York and in Washington state all eyes are going to be on Wall Street again today after the Dow Jones industrial finished up Thursday for a third day in a row and puts it on pace to have its best week in nearly eighty years this despite the release of the disastrous jobs claims report released yesterday showed a record three point two million American is filing for unemployment benefits just last week these stay at home orders are meant to slow the corona virus but boy are they taking a toll on San Antonio's economy when you add together all the events that are canceling because of the outbreak and the declining shopping because of the store closures deputy San Antonio city manager Maria via Gomez says the impact on the city's budget is staggering it's anywhere between a hundred and ten to a hundred and fifty eight million dollars in fiscal year twenty twenty this outbreak is so big they expect the economic impact the spill over into next year she says this is going to be bigger than the Great Recession Marco Moreno news radio twelve hundred W. away I the Texas Democratic Party plans at its annual convention online this year party leaders made the decision because of the corona virus outbreak that virtually event will replace a huge convention that was scheduled for early June in San Antonio I haven't decided whether or not that date will change yet that Texas Republican Party just planning to move its annual convention from may to July that'll be in Houston H. E. B. letting customers across Texas and all the stores are still open even though everybody's having to stay at home Comey tweeted out that rumors about the stores closing during the shelter in place are simply not true H. E. B. locations have reduced their hours between eight and eight AM eight PM every day the company is also set up a special service for seniors they can call ahead and order groceries without having to leave their home new university of Texas data.

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