Mike Adams, Panthers, NFL discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Of MoveOn they'll face the Dodgers in the division series beginning on Thursday as for Wednesday night that'll feature the rabies and eighties in the American League wild card game will start shortly after eight eastern time shaman diet goes for Oakland Charlie Morton for Tampa Bay. elsewhere for baseball the angels fired both bench coach Josh Paul and pitching coach dog one that just a day after they fired a Brad Ausmus as their manager also the Reds on Tuesday fired hitting coach Turner ward after just one season from the NFL Panthers play store defensive tackle K. one short on IR partially torn rotator cuff his season is over better in safety Mike Adams signs with the Houston Texans the giants got receiver Bennie Fowler. they get back golden take from suspension Tyron Smith out with an ankle injury for the cowboys. this shows to be a little is supposed to be a little uncomfortable. to be the last. for the week and show you go. down the other side becomes a whole lot easier. our intent for you on. right over the home. the whole one. show unit to we are completely befuddled by what is happening with Twitter so none of us can.

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