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If slang. Basically your catnip. Yeah it's it's doing a lot of really interesting things and I got to go. To Talk Online talk between with her and Emily Wilson who translated the Odyssey a couple years ago also did a really cool like, oh, she In where she's talking about so bail of mother. Who in many representations as representatives like a monster or hag or something, and there's actually nothing in the text to say that she is that's just a thing that like centuries of male translators have been bringing to the tax with their own preconceptions that of course, a woman can't be like a warrior or wheel weapons LEXI's ahead. and one of the things that's really interesting that that heavily brings out this word finger. In old. English context, which is sometimes translated his finger in sometimes translated as calls. and. Headley's like look, but they will grandmother sorry not. They were spotted rentals. Mother is representatives using a knife and as anybody who's a long fingernails manicure Intel you using a knife is practically impulsive when you have and therefore she can't have claws. Oh yes. Of course, I just kind of like the experimental archaeology or whatever the experimental aspect of this which if you've never had long for nails, you don't think about this and you're like, oh, of course, you can have claws because how could she? You know like she's this this this woman who's who's having a battling this warriors in what she must be a monster like. She, she can't have caused physically can't because I will will the knife. Thank you so much for doing this interview and thank you so much for because Internet we had the best time like reading it and texting each other and talking about it especially because, as Amanda pointed out, we come from different hearts of Internet history. Yeah I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it was. Really. Fun to see it show up on bitches which I definitely had not. and. That brings us to the end of this week's episode. Thank you to Gretchen McCulloch for hang out with us. We had the best time, and if you would like to out more about this book or any of the other ones we mentioned, I will have links to all of them in the show notes had smart bitches, trashy books, dot com slash podcast, and I will also have links where you can find Gretchen her work, her writing, and her podcast, which is super cool. It definitely worth checking out if you like language nursery like I do. Thank you again to the Patriot community for being wonderful in helping me develop questions and guest ideas. If you would like to join the Patriot community, it would be wonderful. Have a look at Patriot dot com slash smart bitches. As always I end with a bad joke. This one comes from C. Howard who is awesome. And it's a silly joke, which is my favorite kind. Are you ready? All right take cover when your family members bad joke incoming. What do you call a sad strawberry. What do you call us? Sad, strawberry. Berry. It's so silly. It's related to my other favorite terrible joke which makes me laugh every time I. Think of it what's red and smells like blue paint Red Paint. What do you call US AD Strawberry Blueberry? Okay sure. On behalf of everyone here we wish you the very best of reading have a wonderful weekend and we will see you back here next week. SMART by gas. trashy books is part of the Frawley podcast network. You can find more outstanding gas to listen to at dot media slash podcasts..

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