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Has completely changed their franchisees nineteen. And he's changed the tick in six months, would you like to trade for the kid that? Smith through. I think Sylvie made a good point with that last week that was weird weekend with him away. Now the mandate fences Reinhard lab, Rick Carlisle's, the salty is in the NBA. He's apologizing like what could they don't? I don't know. Sure. I'd kick the tires on it. I guess, but I don't. But what can't happen is? You can't go undefeated against teams that are taking like you are. And then then then be proud of yourself impact yourself on the back and talk about a winning mentality. Rush in building for the field. Like, what are you doing? My favorite part. Is that all the people who are against tanking say, hey, guys, you could be like the warriors, and you can get Steph and clay at seven or whatever they were. And I'm like dudes. This is the same front office. It's giving you is your head coach who's playing basketball nineteen ninety-five style. You are gonna find the next staff are you out of your mind that they're going to be a warriors? Like, then they try that with Dougie MC bucket. Yeah. They did. They try to document buckets. How'd that work out for you, pick them with moved up to eleven I think to get them. They cashed all their assets McDermott for Doug McDermott who most of us knew what Doug McDermott was going to be you figured basketball player. Barely barely. It was in court. You knew he wasn't going to be Kyle Korver. We all said that. Oh, by the way, the chiefs have fired their defense coordinator, Bob, I'll really put it on Bob Sutton. Yeah. His defense. Yeah. It was bad. Oh, yeah. I mean, listen when you don't double gronk, and double Eshelman and ask them to beat you with somebody else. You are putting your job security on the line. Somebody's got really are. They're figuring. If we get a good defense with that quarterback. And that offense, right? Well, you know, I mean, obviously, we're going by that time we'll have all the rules set up. So that everyone gets the exact number of touches in the exact time ball control because that's what we need in this league. We need everybody to have the same. What's your problem? Now, you're still on the overtime. Let's see. With this. Because if you see them in a call moment upstairs, you say you real you get really salty about the overtime day. And then all of a sudden he gets lathered up in the overtime debate. Man. He gets mad. He doesn't want found out yesterday. I actually did some research. I did what you I found out that since two thousand and twelve Kerr courtesy of Mike Sando from ESPN. That's the team that has won the coin flip and over time. Since two thousand twelve has won fifty two point seven percent of the time, which is negligible from my humble perspective. Would you don't even know the particulars of who was playing the opponents? You know, the level. It could have been the Cleveland Browns against the New England Patriots in the dynamic was odd that day. You don't even know. And I think there was like a hundred and ten I think it's over the course of one hundred and ten games one hundred twelve or something like that since two thousand and twelve it's negligible about the coin flip. Exactly, it's fifty fifty basically v. So the staff that you know, the overtime playoffs that was interesting. But again, we don't know all the particulars of that. Because you don't know if that means the team that scored a Todd my best Mike race, right? No. That was from Seaford. See I guess is not all seven of those teams scored on the first possession. Right. That can't be right. So, you know, you're. Draw the line a lot of people are saying, well, look if we play fifteen minutes and NAT sudden say we play play the quarter, fifteen minutes. What happens then at the end. If you're tied then do it again. Is the six quarter sudden-death and everyone's like, well, look it's got to be fair. Everyone's gotta have the same amount of possessions in a four quarter game. Ultimately a lot of times you'll have one team with fourteen possessions one team with thirteen possession. We never rage. Hey, one team got an extra possession. It's lost in the game. So I don't know why every possession in overtime has to be massing that song Gladys. Knight get loud. If you want to change and say, look at least both teams have to have one. But after that, you don't have to match possessions. We've had some callers say, yes, they want. Everyone's it's got to be the college where there's got to be a top half in the bottom half. And everyone's gotta have the same amount of possessions. Why in the NFL most NFL games? I would bet ya. That is uneven. Yeah. I mean like time of possession of patriots thumped the chiefs. This isn't like baseball where you get your fair up. Right. Like, you know what? I mean. I wouldn't like I said the all the people that called and talk to me about baseball. You can score on defense in football. You can't score on defensive baseball. That's it's different. I mean, it's just a different dynamic. Yeah. It's a different dynamic. That's all. That's it. That's how I got it. I'm good. I'm fine. If you wanted to play it out, but Sylvia brings good point. Then what happens if you're still tied rewrite them? It's a lot. Now, we're gonna play another fifteen. Play football regular season game of the season. You add victory. Susan's? You wanna play six quarters seven quarters at what point are you going to be? Okay. Somebody's getting fair treatment. Right. I'm fine. Your four you're not you're against it. And well, no one wanted the other. I don't like the idea then playing a six quarter. That's a that's a. The way it's currently structured your committee. Nobody scores I understand. That's why I'm having second thoughts about. The regular season regular season problem with a tie. It's not that. Nobody's gonna if you're playing just a ten minute period. Where like in soccer, it's it's the extra time or whatever the overtime period. Fifteen fifteen. Yeah. If symbol team score ten points or both teams score. Then then what then what are now are we in some that? Now are we got to the square who wins the crash rate, and all we're doing is just delaying that more? It is not an easy thing. John. We go. Get the rock. Yeah. Right. Do what the Rams did? That's my answer with three. Oh. And by the way, the team again, let me repeat this since two thousand twelve the team that has won the coin flip. And over time is one fifty two point seven percent of the games, which to me is within the margin of air. It should be fifty fifty. You would hope in overtime would be fifty. They would. But again, there aren't there aren't any subjective issues. When you flip a coin there are some subjective issues with regard to how a team plays defense against an offense is the defense overmatched the offense. I think that there are some subjective issues that have to be factored in that aren't part of the flip a coin. I had a good is it a good call today. Call in show, and the guy said he's worried about if you go PI is revealed that all of these hail Mary passes are subject to pass interference go point. And then like that could make. That play even bigger because if you're gonna call PI there, then that will give the team life on the one with an untimely down. What I would say if it's a if it's a penalty it's penalty if it's a penalty you shouldn't shy away from calling because it's a it's a hail Mary. Be some hand fighting going on in the other side of the field. You know there. There's lots of stuff that goes. Yeah. No. I know. Is interference. While you're right. When you open it up. Now, are you going to actually focus on the where the ball's going or maybe you have any legal holding call over here ten yards away and getting held at the Lonnie call now. Nobody cares. You're not you're you're you're legal pretend. Like, it's illegal. I think what you're doing is. You're specifically focusing in on the point of the play. Right. Isn't that what you're doing? Yes. The other things. To that as well. It really is. You're right. Where do you draw a line in terms of what you're actually gonna look at? You're going to have to define that easy answers to these questions. You know what though? We've always talked about common sense should lead the way with regard to a catch. Why shouldn't we be able to employ common sense? Doing this long. Did it take for the common sense to the NFL? Correct. From Calvin Johnson till this year. Okay. Fact over the NFL to get this, right? He is. But the core of what I'm saying. I think that the essence of it is you should be able to do this with a certain degree of of ease. The problem is the word era rule gets then the more. I know gray will pray just like the cat. You know, the the what the ground or what was it completing completing the process process of the? Yeah. Through the ground and made it even harder. What is fighting the ground or what was it? Remember, the term that they came up with fighting the ground. I just thought it was completed the process through the ground or something like that. There may be several changes in the rules this year again, the one that was in play. With regard to Anthony Miller, the bears game against the eagles is probably one that's gonna get looked at very closely looking at that one look at it closely. But what do you do if nobody recovers the ball? I mean, like if a whistle blowing you're taught to play only to the whistle and people stopped playing when they hear the whistle. So how do you penalize a team that? I don't know. Okay. That's apply. Common sense to that play. How would you if you were in charge? How would you have ruled that play? That was a cat while. I mean, we're pretty biased. Embarrass ball. Nobody. So it goes. It it goes down. It goes back to where the the ball was caught. That's to me is the most common sense kind of resolution hockey like if the puck. Now, you're talking to foreign launches your stick in front of the net. But then bounces off of one of the opposing player skates and goes in you get credit for the goal. That's your goal kicking. You you don't know. I know I'm just maybe that's a silly comparison. Can you? Yes, you just say nobody had possession. But the birds were the last possession. Common sense would say to you. Well, last player to touch it gets crossing the catch. Yes. Was a catch. Yes. Was it? Then a fumble. Yes. So for whatever reason. Whistle. Blew in the referee was going incomplete. So let's just say, okay. That's going to be the names possessions. Ball right right there. So I in my world two thousand nineteen the rules changed in the bears. Get the football at that spot. I wish that was the rule. I would have been better. No. I know what I'm saying. I think that rule will be team with possession gets the ball. Right. I asked these guys after watching the entire NFC playoffs. Now, you saw the saints repeatable, you we know the Rams are beatable. If Cody parkey makes the kick the bears are weird today. It's sickening. And I think man, I think that's why Matt Nagy was so ornery day last conference. I think he knew he knows available Nino. He knew what was available. What was lost that? I will say this on the decrepit little foot cannot prove a cannot Parveen unprovable. But I did believe an I like my bears chances with everybody. I think the Rams did learn their lesson from what they what they saw. The Rams are pretty good. One hundred. I would've taken over. All I'm saying is is I think the Rams in their own building given the bears a better game than they did. Oh, that's odd. I think the Rams would have been saying bears. Yeah. The Rams weren't gonna let the bears due to them in L A. I'm not saying that bears down. Yeah. The Rams would have made some adjustments made. I believe that would have probably been the toughest game. Right. There's no doubt your mind. They would have gone to the saints in one the saints. What they've done this season. Saints favorites nineteen points per game..

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