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Welcome to marketing trends. I mean phase phase on chief content officer here emission at oregon. We have in studio kevin what's gonna. How's it going great to be here. It's great to have you. This is a particularly particularly fun episode. We have a dog culture here. Toast your office dog running around and we're huge fans of wag and huge fans of you so we're gonna gonna get into a lot of the really cool stuff. You're doing it way ba i. How did you get into marketing. I started out way back. I'm a little older than i look. I have i have great skin and i'm sure your audience can see that i did consulting for a while and then i started doing pricing work with some companies and i ended up doing finance for for marketing departments and i spent a decent amount of time doing that and slowly over time i said wait. Why do the boring finance part in the marketing departments. Let's just be more of an analytical. A person involved directly in markings shifted from finance to marketing as as some of the best marketers. Do you know it's funny. There's so many martyrs has that ever different path and the financial path. I think really positions you will to be next to the business right yeah. I think you know when i'm talking to people. There's always like these two paths. There's the market is who were very much. Brand focused kind of you know they come in with the you know the black turtlenecks and kind of explain these mysterious things. There's the folks who are the other path. Were much more quantitative like you know. I'm not really sure what works and what doesn't but we can test it and figure it out and with technology. It's been kind of the the the accelerator to giving the analytical folks the like ammo they need and the storytelling folks the m._o. They need to do that further listeners who might not know. Can you share for more about wag. Yeah wag is basically <hes> in on-demand dog-walking platform so you know you're at work and you realize you're going to work late or even. If you have a sort of a regular recurring thing that you need to do we also sort of walk your dog whether it's during the day or during the evening we give your lock box. We can access your house. You don't need to be home. No walk your dog and you've had some really interesting stops at companies like uber jia sen snap fish fish. Tell me a little bit while you were so excited about the opportunity to be c._m._o. Egg well. The first thing is i love marketplace businesses. They have this this beautiful complexity to them. Which many days just hurts my brain and makes it very hard to do things but other times really exciting and then you know wagon particular condition being marketplace..

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