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Rip current about 100 ft. From shore on Sunday. His family and friends remain hopeful he'll be found safe, hoping and praying to God done its spine and we can find you whatever it takes for the favor of our our north. Whatever to serve the our country. I'm hoping that they work with this situation and for TV partner channel to rip current warnings remain in place for that area. Lake Conroe now reopened a normal lake trafficking activities today after being closed since Saturday due to flooding from heavy rainfall. Sanderson to River Authority is continuing to release water through Lake Conroe damn toe lower the lake's levels back to normal. In the meantime, voters are still urge to use caution to the floating debris and submerged objects that May not be fully visible. Is a new push to restart border wall construction in South Texas, but it has nothing to do with immigration. Monica Weisberg Stewart with the Texas Border Coalition says there was some large gaps in the wall that we're supposed to work his levees, and if they're not closed, that'll make flooding. Worse. Construction completely stopped. All the workers leave and we've got a big hole. It's like building your home and putting the frame up and putting parts of it up. And then just stopped in construction on Meantime, anti wall activists are demanding the construction be halted, even if it is part of a levee protection system. If that's the case, Weisberg Stewart says, We need to get FEMA involved ready for the next flooding, especially with the flood season coming this summer. On Wall Street. Things air mixed Today The Dow is up 277 points nearly 1% of the day. The S and P 500 is up. 17 points, nearly one half of 1%, but the NASDAQ is down 51 points. Crude oil is up nearly a dollar to 64 53 a barrel The Astros are off today They'll be in New York for a three game series with the Yankees. Starting tomorrow night. We'll have the action on sports Talk 7 90 right here on Ktrh News on demanded ktrh dot com. Our next updated 1 30, Now Maura of the Rush Limbaugh show. I'm Corey.

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