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That time of game was two hours and fifty seven minutes they paid in front of they played in front of a paid attendance ten thousand five hundred and thirty to sixty degrees and beautiful at the time of first pitch was spectacular night he gets his fourth win of the season he's now four and three connor pilkington falls to one and four with the laws has again started out for the tigers he had a rough first inning without allowing he gave up a leadoff double the start off the game but pitched out of that any he went six and two thirds allowed three hits only one earned run you had four walks and ten strikeouts has faced twenty seven batters and retired twenty three of them john kodro's came in to finish up the seventh inning he gets credit for that third inning of work he didn't allow any hits or runs he had no walks or strikeouts nick bush came in to throw a perfect eighth he faced the minimum and retired excuse me he did have one walk but no strikeouts he's still allows no runs or hits and todd peterson went the final inning he pitched one inning no ron's or hits he had to strike outs and looked very good nick bush by the way is up to eight scoreless innings and arose score by innings no score in the first the tigers would strike first in the bottom of the second inning with a single run and then again in the third went zach watson would lead off that frame with a solo home run out to left field no scoring again until the top of the six where the bulldogs would fight back but they're only run of the game on the board but the score was two to one heading into.

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