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Party city, the party's waiting at altering dot com. Three. Oversea takes. Visit www dot com. Who the hell folks, it's the Father's Day sale at ace? Hurry in and save hundreds on dad's favorite brands like Milwaukee dewalt craftsman traeger, end yeti, plus pace has an extensive lineup of steel outdoor power tools, so you can be sure to find something. You'll love and save time when you buy online, pick up in store make this Father's Day. One that dad Lois, remember, with great gifts from the best brands, all at your local ace offers valid on select items at participating stores through June seventeenth. See store for details. One four three my FM I heart radio in BMW. Celebrate Father's Day. And under the of dad's all over the world all day tomorrow, you'll hear artists talk about how their fathers helped shape them into the stars. They are today special thanks to our partners at BMW more music. Variety. Four three FM. Concent- bed is sounds no one's ever heard. I wish I had to bed voices. Thanks words. I wish council courts in order, that his new wish it didn't have to say when I get to shrink without woman, secure and care. What people? Back time. Stress. Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young. How come able to identify what it's coming from at make a candle out of if I ever found it try to sell it never out of only one my brother because we have the same no same clothes homegrown stone from pre. But it would remind nothing really mad at out a student loans. House homes. We all would take that. It's. Back time. Known. Stress. Give different names. We would Iraq. Dream. Make. The different names we would. Dream about. Thing. Back to the good. Us too. Was stress. Poten- plate. Ten. The ten. With them. The mouth say. Chance to play. What's that noise? Monday morning at seven twenty five with Valentine one. Oh, four three Maya fem..

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