Sec. Robert Wilkie on the Fleeting Neutrality of Finland and Sweden


We are back with former secretary of veterans affairs in the Trump administration, Robert wilkie, senior national security contributor to newsmax. That's actually wilkie. You live breathe and sleep geopolitics. You love it as much as I do. For somebody who's followed European security matters for decades, you know, I thought I'd go to my deathbed with Sweden and Finland as forever neutral, like Switzerland, and the announcement that the likely to deposit the articles of accession to the alliance by the end of June. How historic is this and how much of a massive failure for Putin? Absolutely. Do you want to be the Russian leader whose gift to history is the rearmament of Germany. And the removal of neutrality status from Finland and Sweden. That's what is going to happen. I'll give you an example of what is what has taken place in Finland. Reuters did a survey a couple of years ago, two years ago. And Finns were asked if they were ready to kill Russians. 78% told Reuters, we are going to kill, we can kill them today. Explain why that isn't flash in the past. That is not the question. This is hundreds of years of history really going back to the days, even before Peter the great. When the Russians moved into the Baltics moved into what we now know as Scandinavia, Finland fought a very bloody war. Both against Lenin and also against Stalin. The Russians finally overcame the Finns in the 1940s just by sheer weight of numbers. But they lost the equivalent of an entire army in the snow. And usually this is individual snipers, more units. This isn't tank divisions of fins. But you have an incredibly sophisticated military in

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