Latest Lapel Pins and Gifts From Hawaii


Shot so you can see the lapel thing that I'm wearing that my buddy, I don't know him, Louis Kona, and I don't know how to say this because there's so many syllables. It's one of those beautiful Hawaiian retreats. I'm sure a slice of Paradise kill a nobody here on the team knows it either. Hence my belief that everybody around me is crazy, but me. And I'm the one I can't read it. Kill a kakua. I think it's killa kakua? Hey, Hawaii. If you're listening and help me with the pronunciation, I just want to say a big thank you. A couple months ago, I invited you to send me lapel pins from your state and on the Salem news channel where you watch this show online and I hope you do, as well as listen to us on your favorite radio station. People have been sending me lapel pins from and I like it when it's like one half is the one side is the American flag and the other side is your state pin. People have sent me pins from Wyoming, Montana, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio. I've worn them all. Well, Louis, Kona from Kona coffee sent me not only some lapel pins that aren't exactly a flag pin, but it's a beautiful Hawaiian flower. You see it online here, sailing news channel dot com. It's beautiful. And I've got it on my lapel. He also sent me some samples from Kona coffee, which is the aroma of aloha. And I like that. And he sent us some American flag watches,

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