CNN+ Looks Doomed as Public's Anti-Woke Appetite Grows


So many of you have heard about this story of CNN plus. A CNN plus had the ambitious idea of trying to become some form of a Netflix for news. What a dumb idea. Axios dot com has come out and said that CNN plus looks doomed. CNN plus has roughly a 150,000 subscribers so far. We have more subscribers than CNN plus. Warner Bros. discovery wants to eventually bring all of them under one giant service around HBO Max, and CNN plus original plan was for CN plus to become profitable in four years by investing $1 billion into the service. Executives believe that if the service wasn't being kneecapped, its growth rate would have rivaled other print news outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, which have about 2.9 to 2.7 million digital subscribers, respectively. However, no one really wants to watch CNN plus. It's not just the fact that no one's subscribing to it, it's at the content itself, is going horribly. But it's not just on CNN plus, it's also Jon Stewart's new show. The post millennial dot com reports that Jon Stewart's new woke TV show tanks and loses 80% of viewers after first episode. It's on Apple TV. This is not sustainable at all. While shows like ours are flourishing and we're hiring and we're adding staff. And we are strengthening our entire program, our podcast is growing and our radio program is growing. And those things are doing on rumble is growing on YouTube. It's growing. Jon Stewart is floundering. No one wants that information. In fact, the shows like Bill Maher and Joe Rogan and ours and the people at the daily wire, the great folks of the daily wire, they're doing very well. There is kind of this anti woke appetite that is growing amongst the people.

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