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AP sports I'm Josh Rowntree a big showdown of the NBA's Eastern Conference Monday as Miami top Chicago one twelve ninety nine Tyler hero with twenty points and six boards off the bench for the heat now forty one and twenty one on the year also in the east Milwaukee scored forty four second quarter points in a one thirty one oh six win over the Hornets Yanis answer to Kubo twenty six points and sixteen boards out west Memphis got by the spurs one eighteen one oh five John Moran pulled in a Grizzlies record fifty two points Minnesota Orlando Toronto in Sacramento also one in the NBA Monday in college basketball top twenty five matchup in Austin went to third ranked Baylor as they toppled twenty first ranked Texas sixty eight sixty one in the NHL Toronto got by Washington five three behind thirty saves from goalie Petr Mrazek and baseball's ninety day labor standoff continued Monday as locked out players in Major League Baseball met throughout the day and early into Tuesday morning in an attempt to come to an agreement to save opening day I'm Josh Rowntree AP sports

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