Darren Beattie: Elon Musk Better Be Prepared for What's Coming


He's Darren Beatty of revolver, Darren, welcome to America first. It's great to be here. Thank you for having me, Seth. So first things first, I got to give you guys that revolver massive, massive credit. For I mean, of all the journalistic outlets out there, you have done the most in depth analysis of the videos of the iPhone footage from January the 6th. Who's ray eps, who's the guy on the tower, everybody out there, you need to read those two in depth articles on the movements, the events of January the 6th add to that Julie Kelly's amazing pieces at American greatness and you'll have a much better picture of what actually happened on that day. So congratulations to you Darren. We can talk about that in our next segment, but we've got a couple of minutes here. Musk, Elon Musk, not going on the board, good news, because then he can engineer a hostile taker of over of Twitter, give us your take of how much of a cat amongst the pigeons, Elon's recent purchases have been. Well, I think it's extremely significant and certainly portends good things, although we'll have to wait and see how things actually materialize. But what I've been trying to caution Elon is that he needs to understand exactly what he's getting into. This is not any ordinary hostile takeover because Twitter is not ordinary company. Despite its relatively modest market cap by corporate standards, it is an Elon's correct characterization, the global public square, and control over the global public square is virtually priceless in a society such as ours. And so if he goes for Twitter and attempts to make it an actual free speech platform, this amounts effectively to what I'd call a declaration of war against the regime and he better be prepared for what's coming.

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