Jennifer Horn Explains California's Scary New Abortion Bill


We thought it was bad enough in the Commonwealth with the butcher of Richmond with the former governor Ralph northam with his. Pediatrician saying a woman can decide after the birth. If they keep the child or kill it, talk to us about this unbelievable story coming out of the assemblies, judiciary committee. Yeah, so there is a bill in California that was put together by an assemblywoman out of Oakland. It has the full support of our attorney general in the state, rob Banda, who was handpicked by Gavin Newsom. And really, they started this bill because there was a woman who was addicted to meth during her pregnancy. She had a stillbirth, and she was charged with murder of her child. Now, we could debate all day long whether or not that was appropriate, but that was the catalyst for this bill that was put together. And you couple that with Gavin Newsom saying that California is essentially a sanctuary state for people wanting an abortion after Texas passed their life protecting laws in Texas, California has responded by saying, come on in, will not only give you an abortion, but we'll pay for it for you. Now this new assembly Bill says that a woman and her doctor or accomplice and this is spelled out in assembly Bill 22 23. Will not be held responsible under the law for anything that may go wrong during her pregnancy or in the perinatal period. Now, here's where the problem you're talking about just blanket immunity. Blanket immunity. And perinatal, if you look up the definition, can be anywhere from 22 weeks into gestation till about typically people say about 7 days after birth, which would then say that 8 is conceivable under this law without definition of perinatal that woman could have a baby, take it home, have buyers remorse something happens to that child God forbid, I don't even want to say it. And they would not be able to prosecute that woman or charge that woman with

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