Biologist Colin Wright Describes His Political Journey


So have you seen that tweet from Elon Musk that everybody is talking about? Even Ben Shapiro had to play with it, put a box on it and say something about the overton window trying to be very, very, very smart. This is the image that Elon talked about that everybody's misinterpreting. It is a delightful image about my fellow liberals conservatives on one side of a scale in 2008. I got to remember this is radio as well. So we describe it for you. It's a scale. Then in 2012, what happens the left runs away from the center and last year in 2021, the progressives have gone radical left, the center has moved and they've pulled it and little on me is left in the middle, and I'm called a bigot. Why did he repost it? When did he get it from? Well, there's an individual who I reached out to when I saw him very graciously tweet, hey, thanks, Elon, for using my image. He didn't say, hey, dude, where do you steal it from? We're delighted to have Colin Wright biologist with us. He's the founder of reality's last stand. Welcome to America first. Yeah, I appreciate you having me on here. Thank you. So you've been a guest on my buddy's podcast trigonometry. I'm going to post that video guys, watch it. But let's get to this news breaking viral image. A lot of people don't get it. Explain what you meant by that time elapsed graph. Yeah, this really just explains my own political journey, the title for it originally had was my political journey. You know, I've been a lifelong Democrat. I've always voted Democrat in my life, voted Barack Obama two times, voted for Hillary and the first Trump election, and then Tulsi Gabbard in the last one. So Democrat Democrat Democrat. What I'm showing in that cartoon is between 2008. Let's put the image up while Collins talking. Go ahead. Yeah, so what it shows is between 2008 and 2021. I've remained in the same place. I used to be squarely on the left next to my fellow liberals, but over time the people to my left sort of ran out to the left, dragging the political spectrum out with them, and then dragging the center of the political spectrum past me so that I'm now basically on the right now. Even though I've just remained completely stationary and where I've been, my values haven't changed. But now I find myself in this weird position that you are currently finding themselves in, of being called a bigot for holding views that were completely normalized just 5 years

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