Joshua Perry and 'Yoda' Describe Baden K-9


With me today are two amazing guys. Josh, from Baden, or Baden, canine. I got that right. And then we'll just call the friend of my left Yoda from the navy seal museum and also the canine project. I wanted this conversation for a while, Josh, I'll start with you. My new dog came from your farm, came from what you guys do, and I've just been so blown away and impressed and our audience knows all about mister Briggs now. And I just want to first just kind of for you to introduce yourself and tell our audience, what are you guys doing bad in? Hey, thanks, Charlie for having us. So my name is Joshua Perry. I come from Ben and canine. It's a Canadian facility that was founded by my family back in the 70s. Early 70s and we breed raising train Dutch uppers, German shepherds and Belgian malinois. Like Briggs, the Dutch shepherds are a unique dog and a good-looking dog. So that's who I am. How long have you been doing it? The company now was founded in 72. I've been doing it for 24 years. That's awesome. And so Yoda, you run the canine project, or you help run it, and also this museum tells about both. Okay, great. So the museum, the museum itself, the mission is to capture preserve and present the history of naval special warfare to the public. And then within that they have a charitable 501c3 organization known as trident host charities. And within trident host charities, they got four pillars on it, but one pillar is the K9 project. And that's an entity that really focuses on marrying up the right dogs with the right veterans who require the veteran who are required the dog and that also translates right into the veterans family. So really it's affecting both just both the veteran and the family itself. And that's it in a

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