Brave Republicans Confront DOJ About Whitmer 'Entrapment'


A handful of Intrepid Republicans, and it's, it shouldn't be a handful. It should be the Republicans in a unified political phalanx. But no, it takes the brave ones to go out front. And here I'm talking about, I'm gonna name them. It's led by Marjorie Taylor Greene, but you've got Scott Perry, Dan bishop, Andrew Clyde, Andy Biggs, bob good, Mary Miller, Paul gosar, Andy Harris, Louie gohmert, Thomas massie Matt Gaetz, well, what are they doing? In the aftermath of the exoneration of two key defendants in the Whitmer kidnapping trial, the pressing attorney general Garland for some specific answers. Now, trying to get answers out of Garland is not an easy business. This is like going to the consigliere of Don Corleone and saying, hey, listen, we're we want to find out more about the mafia. You're actually talking to the mafia. But nevertheless, this needs to be done. And so this is a stinging letter and a demand. Of Merrick Garland copied a Christopher wray, and the questions themselves are telling, let me just read a couple of them. Who within the DoJ and the FBI knew about or was involved in the plot to kidnap governor Whitmer, tell us. Remember, this is a letter being sent by the legislators to the executive branch, which is accountable to the legislative branch. Number two, to what extent would the DoJ and the FBI motivated by the 2020 presidential election to paint political opponents as domestic terrorists specifically Vis-à-vis the plot to kidnap governor Whitmer and the events of the U.S. capitol on January 6th, 2021. In other words, this is not just at the FBI staging orchestrating infiltrating and moving along a plot. This is the FBI timing those events to coincide with an election. So the issue here being raised is the election interference, very important issue because these revelations came to light in early October of 2020.

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