James O'Keefe: Project Veritas Is Going to Keep Going


If this was a case about let's say The Daily Beast right That got a hold of Donald Trump Jr.'s diary or whatever And the diary had some explosive things in it which would reflect poorly on Donald Trump The Daily Beast would be celebrated worldwide and if the Donald Trump administration were still in office had Bill Barr get secret warrants against The Daily Beast This would be the water gate of our time Do you have any doubt about that But the fact that the political roles are reversed and they just don't like your journalism because you expose them all the time They're trying to sweep this thing under The Rock We can't let that happen Yeah I think they're like schoolyard bullies These are these federal prosecutors What the Ivy League schools they hide behind the bag They think they're a big tough man because they can rate a journalist home But what I found about these bullies they've been doing this team my whole life I mean this is not my first rodeo I'll be my last rodeo I was arrested in New Orleans all those U.S. attorneys resigned and disgraced and lost their law license for what they did to me and other people that they railroaded And then every lawsuit they filed against me they lose and we filed a loss against The New York Times and had a judge in the Supreme Court of New York rule against The New York Times So I think the most important thing Dan is to keep going and to be brave and to not back down when you're punched in the face by a schoolyard bully but to stand up we've done nothing illegal We don't break the law There's no evidence of any illegal behavior And to your point a diary since when do the feds investigate this I don't even like even It wasn't like a Cohen We did a hypersonic missile right Right it just it was an ugly story in that It made people look bad It was not a national security incident You didn't break it to anyone's house We didn't publish it

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