We Need to Read What the Bad Guys Say


Paul how significant this is another thing, so you know me. I have this background from Central Europe because of my parents, but I spent the last 20 years in the national security realm dealing with counter terrorism and what I did was I studied the bad guys Al-Qaeda ISIS. I read what they wrote and shockingly because nobody in the U.S. government actually read it. I taught that to our operators, our green berets, intelligence, analysts and the FBI. What does it say about strategic culture that people didn't even pay attention to the speech that Putin gave a week before the invasion, this pseudo history verbal diarrhea where he said, well, you know, Ukraine never been an independent country. It's Russian. It's always been Russian before the duchy of muscovy, the Vikings landed there who became the modern Rus people. Because that tells you what he's going to do and that tells you he's going to take the whole country. Why you are the guy who's written the books, especially dupes and now the devil and Karl Marx. It's not rocket science. It's not brain surgery. We need to read what the bad guys say, don't we? Yeah, we do. And in fact, somebody that I wrote a lot of books about Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan all the time actually red marks actually red Lennon actually. And this is funny because Reagan, of course, was portrayed by the left as an idiot, as somebody who didn't read. And Reagan would say all the time, he would protest, well, you know, I'm only quoting their own documents, which I've actually read. And I reminded right now, said quite a bit during this period about Reagan and the 1980s trying to block the construction of the Soviet Siberian gas pipeline. And there were two strands of it. One of the strands he tried to delay the construction of and the second one he tried to block the construction of altogether. And this was something that even Margaret Thatcher wasn't with him on. I mean, this is now declassified. We actually sabotaged the software and the electronics for that pipeline. That's exactly right. Yeah, sorry about the shameless plug. I wrote about this in my book, the crusader. And we sabotage it. It was an explosion that you can see from space.

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