Why Scott Powell Was Inspired to Write 'Rediscovering America'


First of all, tell us how did you get the idea to write this book called and I love the title rediscovering America how the national holidays tell an amazing story about who we are. Where did you get the idea? Well, Eric, you might know that I'm a trained economist and I was hard by the Hoover institution and now discovering to write primarily on public policy issues as they pertain to economics. So I published widely around the country talking to editors several of them asked me, did I have any, would I be willing to write an article on the upcoming holiday? And I thought, yeah, I can do that. So when I dove into that, I found these fascinating stories behind the holidays. So I kept going. So every year I wrote maybe on a couple of the holidays and I could get them published widely, much more so than my economics pieces because they were so interesting. And after about four years, I had written on all the holidays. And then I had readers that told me you need to write the book, Scott, because I learned so much more about America than I ever learned in any of my history classes.

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