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Performer extraordinaire and a huge X. Men Fan as many of you may not know despite the fact that on brick body kids still daydream. Legendary Iron Hood is currently a hardcore x-men rap I really is I dig that album a lot and I remember hitting that song and being like Oh. This is like sometimes a lot of times like hip hop drop in comets references, right? That's kind of a there's a definite fandom in part of the medium there But when you read that Song I'm like Oh this is like straight up like in issue this is like a really issue. Yeah. It really is and it is funny I toyed with the idea of like calling it that like something that made it. Obvious. But it was like, Nah this this is for my real x-men heads right here Nice Yeah I love it. Yeah. No, it's good because it's not too obvious but if you know you know. All right. So today on crack in critical one hundred, we are going to talk all things X. Men we're going to answer listener questions came in ahead of time if you have questions on the livestream again, a definitely shout them out and we will try to respond to his as we can. Although I think like definitely, we've had a lot of questions congregating around the same sorts of topics. So I appreciate that WHO everybody who sent them in as well. Mike, how how caught up are you on tennis sorts? Have you ever read everything that come out? Yeah. I. You know the funny thing for me is read. Every issue. In the dawn of X. Like every everything. Series all that. Yeah. Right. So I'm super caught up. Mike beyond caught up like I've read all sorts of stuff I feel like I didn't even have to read too because. It's been out in the line Nice Nice vertical art. Then this should be no problem for you So the first question we had and I will to you this is A. It's definitely going to have spoilers. So we're GonNa Talk X. Men. We're going to talk ten of swords and alike, it's it's Kinda hard to talk about what's going on without getting spoiler same goes for the theories and right? So like as we. As we talk about this, if you are not caught up in your worried about that I will caution you. There may be some spoiler type material as we talk. Okay. That said, let's get into our intent swords. We Have Cohen Sword Bearers in there in a tournament against the Aramco side, right so we have on earth we have a.

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