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With us here at WTO P for more on these developing stories on this Friday morning, December 16th, where the time now is two 18. Whether all the 8s and when it breaks, Ian Crawford with this in the WTO P traffic center. Once again, we begin in prince George's county Maryland of the Baltimore Washington Parkway inside the beltway the crash activity at the split between route 50 and kenilworth avenue, which will carry you toward D.C. two 95. That is where the crash is involving an overturn tractor trailer, the right side should be getting by. That would take you on toward New York avenue. And I think that's the only way you're going to be able to negotiate this one because you try to go left. You can't do it. There's a bunch of lettuce and a truck in the way. On the north down VW park, we're getting first reports of the crash near four 50, first year spiders heading that way now looking for it, watch for their flashing lights and watch for any sudden movements out there in the darkness and the wet and the yuck. On two 70, southbound after I three 70 should, looks like they're still holding that right lane for the crash activity. That one had all traffic stopped for a time, but now it's still just one right lane block now, sat down two 70, the main travel lanes after I three 70, local inter okay. On 95 between the beltways, we are okay log distance fighters having an issue getting around some truck fire activity through Baltimore. This is going to be northbound 95 after the four M Henry tunnel it's going to be near Moravia road exit 60 and the truck fire blocking the right side. On the bellway through Montgomery and prince George's county, we are good, and then we cross the big bridges into Virginia, beltway remains quiet, please by all means, exercise caution, more following distance, less speed, and let's keep those lanes open. 95 BW part 95 and three 95 in Virginia, that's where you're going to find issues not pending right now. Everything is fine 66 as far west as hey market. Both directions in the clear. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. We're tracking what should be a pretty chilly couple of days here. You're Friday not too bad. Gonna be a little breezy, but we will see some sunshine, high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, so temperatures close to average for this

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