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These are two separate things and once you get clear on what you want then you can start looking at how you get there and then you start you know putting in small goals of how you bridge that gap between where you are and where you'd like to be no the it's great because you know in in our first season last year. We talked a lot about that about the process of achieving the goal in getting ready in. Prepare yourself for the goal reich on a nine to five. I'm a project manager. I look at you know what can go. Wrong can go right. You know in my planner at that aspect in and we really wanted to take a really want to take that same concept or try to invoke that same mindset into just even just goal setting so as you talk that where we were. We separated you. Know what are the tips. They give your clients to kind of really hone in on. What do they really want some of those steps to figure out. What do we really want. Because i'll a lot of people will. Just generalize something throw something you know really big out there but there is some of the details on on how or what. That goal really needs to be. Yeah you know. I think there's there's a few exercises that i'll have my clients. Go through to help get in touch without because frankly it's not uncommon for people to have that you have not in their stomach and say like what's going on right now it doesn't feel right but they don't really know what it is that they want so one thing is to do at a values and really take a look at what's important to me is that family is it. Creativity is at and then use that as a lens to look at. What's going on in their life right now and And maybe when they're looking at things that they might possibly want to do to look at that through that lens and say okay well for example You know with family..

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