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The reason now the president of Ukraine on the other hand has a presidential re election campaign coming up very soon March what is that January February about three and a half months? Three months in the poll. He's getting under nine percent. It looks like he cannot be reelected. So should we assume that he wanted to turn himself into some kind of war hero? The next day he declared martial law in the territories of Ukraine that typically vote for pro Russian candidates. They it exists today as we talk martial law. So it looks like a very cynical wag the dog. You know that expression wag wag the dog act by Kiev? I think that's a fact what I don't know is whether people in Washington encourage the president of Ukraine to do that that we don't know. Let's take some calls Steven on that I want to talk about the Ukraine a little bit more with you. But we'll pick it up by going to Brett in Michigan to get started. Hi, Brett, go ahead, sir. Okay. Two thousand fourteen there was a coup d'etat. And some months later, I happen to your a communication intercepts. With Victoria Neuland. In Geoffrey Pyatt of the US State Department jubilantly celebrating their six billion coup-d'etat six billion dollar coup-d'etat Israeli massad snipers were picking off Kiev citizens. And I think also some of the military just as they did. After after the the original invasion of Iraq after Afghanistan that would have been what March of three same thing happened there. They disbanded the military and there's a presentation on YouTube. I think it is called the first year in Iraq the very same scenario now in Israel at Jerusalem university or Hebrew University. Sorry, a doctor or professor Israel Shahar author of Jewish history. Jewish religion the weight of three thousand years. He's the fella who somewhere in the mid to late eighties to transmitted the Oded. None plan known as the greater Israel project for globe. Noble conquest. So you're saying bread Israel's behind all this. What I'm saying as a combat that? Thank you for survey. By the way, I happen to know. No, even maybe Owens Broschi is a name that would ring a bell with your guest, Ellen Broschi. Honorable Hebrew, American Marine Corps of the US army war college Colonel. He he discovered and presents on YouTube presentation Israel did nine eleven all the perks. And there's a there's a couple of others. All right. Well, let's get some of your reaction to that. Stephen. That's not. I'm not gonna go with this Israeli behind all these various dis because it's laced with something that I find myself, I'm comfortable with. But the episode he mentioned is very important in Ukraine. I think miss dates, and I don't think it was February twelfth February twenty twenty one twenty two when in effect via coup the legitimately elected president of Ukraine was overthrown. Now, he's also mistaken on one thing. The tape does exist. Victoria, new one who is a very high ranking member of the American State Department, and in charge of the Ukrainian operation and Jeffrey who was the ambassador at the time this took place before the coup he has it after the coup, but it's even more telling before, and this is not supposition the document has been published. They have a talk and discussed the formation of a government after the overthrow of Yanukovych. What is which is you have to happen? What's interesting is the members of that government that they agreed upon between the two of them on the phone became the government of Ukraine. What do we make of that? Well, it looks as though Washington played a very big role in the overthrow of Yanukovych and the formation of the so-called post. My Don government, which is still in power today. More and less that seems to have been the case. What do we say about this? I believe it was among Obama's worst foreign policy mistakes. He was in way over is head Ukraine Slavic territory, largely it is part of a joint centuries old civilization shared by Russia in Ukraine. The attempt to sever Ukraine from Russia lettuce today, George to where we are in this new and more dangerous Cold War that was a turning point. So it wasn't Israel. They may have been involved, but it wasn't Israel that pulled the trigger in Ukraine in February two fourteen. It was Washington when the Soviet Union collapsed. Didn't any of those satellite countries want to stay with Russia? Yes. And here's what's interesting. I I wrote about this not in this book war with Russia question, Mark. But in the previous book about the end of the Soviet Union that if people say the Soviet Union was a colonial empire is often said, yes, the republics there were fifteen republics including Russia of the Soviet Union. They all went their separate ways the ones that didn't want to go with the central Asian republics. They didn't want the end of the union for various reasons. And yet, you would think they were the most. Colonized? You see what I'm getting? They didn't want the partly because they were receiving enormous subsidies for Moscow, but the end of the Soviet Union set free or created fifteen new states some have worked out pretty well, some have not Ukraine in the forefront.

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