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How did you start getting in interested in this? You know what I mean? You're just breeds paranoia. You know, I read about this kind of thing. And I now I just get like own know, how do I void this do? I just wash my hands constantly, you know. So I think this there's two ways you can go. So I know people who've gone into the microbiology field in have become paranoid, right and two are incredibly anal about having everything be clean, and then others like myself who are actually very go the opposite direction. It's. Yeah. No. I I mean. Yeah. No. But I don't worry about don't worry about. It is what it is. I don't worry about getting contracting, viruses, and contracting bacteria from my from my apartment and getting terribly ill muggles monkey from Africa and unleashes it in the woods. Don't you worry about that? I'm scared to. Hello. The pet store didn't even want it because it was a girl monkey. Yeah. They wanted a guy because the, thankfully, there's numbers on our side. I have a question. So in the beginning of the movie there was like this scene in Zaire where this disease originally came up, the sixty s or something, and then the American government bombed it to get rid of the disease, but they just like blew up all of your whatever. I don't really know. What happened that's pretty much? What happened? That's what happened. And then we're supposed to believe that these monkeys were carrying it for thirty years or something like that. Like did the monkeys get the disease again or was it just like dormant in their system? Oh, good God outcome either. So this Dr. So thinking about like HIV research, right? So HIV is thought to have come from what's called simian immunodeficiency virus Siamese?.

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