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Together. They enhanced the appearance of thicker hair without leaving it feeling heavy I've been sharing with others. The first comment was how great it smells. Thanks to their ingredient inspired fragrances all asked products are free of soul fates parabens Dow as Anglian while. Formulated to meet the needs of your specific hair? Type the Hasek bio Tim boosting collection is available at Walgreens shop now in store or online at Walgreens dot com. And for more information on Hass complete line of haircare solutions. Please visit Hasek beauty dot com. And we think that for sponsoring the podcast. Having a plan or entire lack thereof by leeann logo thesis of Leon logo thesis dot com. Planning how to live your life or just going with the flow of things and events as each day comes applies to people in different ways. Many of us have probably heard that it is essential for one to know exactly where they are going in life and therefore make plans to help them move in that direction. We have been taught that in order to achieve what we desire in life. We have to set goals plan and act on our plans in order to attain everything we want. But is that really the case do we really have to plan for every step of our life. I would say no life is all about having fun and letting go at times both planning for life and allowing things to play out themselves have pros just as they both have cons, whichever. You prefer to follow along is really up to you. In most cases, your personality will fit into one of the two more naturally. Some people love to intertwine the two and it generally works well for them because they can be able to plan for their life. And learn to let go when it comes to it. This is why self discover. Is important in helping you determine where you lie for one planning ahead enables you to have more control over your life. Life is full of uncertainties and things will often change without any prior. Notice was a good plan. You're able to figure out what alterations need to be made in order to get you back on track. You're also more likely to be able to bounce back on track. Whenever things go awry, plus he can still have plenty of fun in life. If your plan incorporates engaging and fun activities traveling giving back to society and discovering your passions. However, many people that advocate for a life of letting things flow without necessarily planning for them argue that life is more fun. This way, not planning and going with the flow of things in life allows one feel more alive living life without a plan allows you to get more into reality in the world outside your head most people who plan for things in life do so because they've too much going on in their daily lives, and the more they have on their minds, the more they become ignorant of the things happening outside. Side their minds, non planners, mostly have simple lives, and are therefore able to spend more time reflecting on their surroundings rather than on their own thoughts. They will to experience adventure in a way that planters can't often be able to do for example. A non planner will just think of popping into a party and having fun till dawn without the worry was goin' happened. Tomorrow, a planner on the other hand will have to think of what repercussions departing will have to them on the next day. Spontaneity can bring you unexpected great lifetime memories in connections that you would never have imagined possible. However, lack of planning can also bring you bad memories. You may find yourself missing out on important things having boring days because he decided to do something the last second, and it did not work out. Well, and being thought of as unreliable is he can't always be held to your word on all whichever path each used to follow. Make sure you live the life. You were meant to live a good trick is to do a little of both. Remember life is all about. Having fun and doing kind deeds to others. You just listen to the post titled finding yourself through travel and having a plan or entire lack thereof both by Leone logo. Theis of Leon logo. Thesis dot com. Season two of his show on Netflix. The kindness diaries is out. Now, you might want to check that out. Just have a box of tissues handy because it pulls at your heart strings, but elite at that hope you're having a great day. Thank you for being here and listening to me and for subscribing to the show, and I'll be back tomorrow reading to you. So I'll see you there where your optimal life awaits.

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