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The fouryearold girl gets hit in the face it's before she gets hit in the face because you don't want to four your it doesn't make it how many people's fun equals one four year old girl right now in at been in a hot spital and the last we heard from the father was they didn't know if she was going to require surgery or not on a fouryearold girl go to a baseball game here i mean it's at some point the math on that doesn't computing at first and foremost are concerned about her their hippo laws of we don't really know right that the the details of over injuries nor do we need to know it's not our business to knows the families concern of course and everyone involved shows all the appropriate amount of concern i don't believe major league baseball doesn't care i don't believe that the players obviously are all of his day you see them yeah you're so you know this that so that's one of the big topics of conversation and the menu today we've got the football game too well what do we do off the top of dancing around up if you're just do off the top here we go let's start with chris sale mike is he the american league cy youngwinner is cory kleuver the american league cy youngwinner chris sale keeps just mall one i'm down he's got three hundred strike struck out a final battery face in baltimore last night giving him thirteen strikeout to tonight three hundred four the season he reached three hundred strike out to the season third in the third fewest innings only two pictures and it seemed to not only do we pitcher list randy johnson is always on a short and so the fewest fini's was randy johnson and then pedro martinez and then chris sale saw he also joins sale those randy johnson nolan ryan twice in steve carlton as you only players were a three hundred strikeouts in their first season with a new team so yeah i mean i think he is a tick ahead of.

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