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It was all about moves like it was all about power. It was all about regaining the White House and not about legislating if you let that sink in Obama got elect. Eight and like it's now twenty nineteen that's eleven years that we have not had any legislation at all except for fucking ObamaCare, which he had to do an executive order to get another trying to stop it. And it's like this motherfucker stop like everything it's crazy. You don't care about legislating know, but they love to blame Obama for not anything happening. When really it's Mitch McConnell's fault, political scientists have referred to McConnell's use of the filibuster. Now, here's where we get very fucking crucial as constitutional hardball, referring to the misuse of procedural tools in a way that undermines democracy, so Mamale filibuster is like what when they go to a big long speech. Yeah, they can stand there for hours and hours and hours stopping any movement. So so say, they're going to say, okay. Let's pass a voter thing. Then somebody wrote his rolls out there. Nancy Pelosi rolls out of tennis shoes. Diaper on. And she's like, all right? The thing with voting is guys when people vote here's what they do. They wake up. They have a Cup of coffee. They roll down. They I'm sorry. Let me back up they stopped. They go to the bathroom. Hold on. Yep. They they pull their pants down. On the toilet h out. The finest the details the details, right. Like what an eighteen hour fucking speech. So that it kills the legislation because they only have a certain number of hours. Right. So if I'm to read to you, the definition of a filibuster. Okay. An action such as a prolonged speech that obstructs progress in the legislative assembly while not technically contravening the required procedures it holds up the vote in some way, they might have a limited amount of time on the floor. But it holds up the vote so McConnell used the filibuster nonstop. When Obama was in office when he was the Republicans were a minority. So by twenty thirteen Senate majority leader, Harry Reid. Okay. This is a democrat. I would think. No, maybe not. Oh, yeah..

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