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Ryan ferguson was convicted of the murder of can't height hoped tense murder took place in the early morning hours of november i two thousand m one in ryan ferguson's hometown of columbia missouri at the time of the murder ferguson was only seventeen years old he was a junior in high school kent height holt was found beaten and strangled shortly after two a m on november i two thousand one in the parking lot of the columbia daily tribune can't work there as a sports editor the murder went unsolved for two years until police received a tip that a man this is charles eriksson he was extremely drunk that night and he could not remember some of the events that took place that evening and most of what took place around the time of the actual murder after reading newspaper articles charles eriksson was having dreams about the murder he told a couple of people that he had concerns that he may have been involved in the actual murder on in chuck had a drug problem as well correct charles eriksson was partying with bryan ferguson on halloween night october thirty i now this would be wednesday night but we all know how much everyone likes to party on halloween charles and ryan they were doing quite a bit of underage drinking at a bar that night and a party that had started in the evening earlier turned into partying into the early morning hours charles or chuck eriksson would later confessed to the murder of kent height hope and implicate ryan ferguson in the murder as well.

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